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  1. Probably a tip for only the young players (well scenario writers). If you use sea mines it appears that the Misc Settings, AI settings must NOT restrict submarines to remain on their course.
  2. Haha, Good on you Enrique for picking up the date, my error and I will fix it, (and I better add the warning on the DB )
  3. A revised version of AARdata.dll has been up loaded to the downloads section. This add-on program gives a summary of game information produced at the normal closure of a game (see attached graphic) including game time and real time spent overall and by sessions, game message log, summary of 'kills' and damaged platforms and victory conditions met. Report .txt files are named from the battleset name and file number (0 if a custom scenario, scenario number if an embedded battleset scenario) and are replaced when starting a new scenario of same battleset/file number. (pictured report from a auto play game at full time acceleration)
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    Hi John, As Tony said click on the insert, you might need to hover your mouse over the text in the top left until you see the finger pointer mouse symbol then click Just to be certain you know, the HCDB2 database is the latest official data base but is used only for writing new scenarios or editing scenarios written for that database. Database are broadly applicable to time periods so if writing a scenario for the cold war period then there is a cold war specific database available in the downloads section and if editing a scenario from eg a EC2003 series battleset scenario you would use the HCDB database (you can get the most upto date version from the downloads). the HCDB database is the standard installed database and contained in the 'commondb.res' file in your main HC folder. If you use the latest (beta) installation downloaded from here you will be able to edit any scenario. If you use the official release installation you might not be able to edit some of the recent scenarios that can be downloaded from here as the structures are slightly different when written with the newer scenario editors. I hope that makes sense, yell if it's done nothing but confuse you Also if you start to use database other than the installed HCDB database you need to understand how it operates. There are two basic methods: Maintain a copy of the installed commondb.res file and ID it so you know what it is (eg put it in a folder named HCDB) and then copy the database commondb.res file you want to use into the main HC folder so as to overwrite the installed. OR Use the HClauncher tool (https://harpgamer.com/harpforum/files/file/445-hc-launcher/) in the down loads and maintain your custom database in a logical folder structure or rename them before inserting them into HC folder. again, if I've just confused you give us a yell, but most importantly enjoy harpoon
  5. But in the meantime we all use your HC launcher from the downloads section
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a more demanding remake of the standard scenario one from the MEDC 2003 battleset "Vengeance" In the haste to get underway the US carrier group is short handed, friends of Lybia are nosing around and possibly giving aid. You'll need to plan IFR and carefully utilise your available strike assets. If you've played and mastered the original then this will have a few twists to extend the fun. donaldseadog 21/Dec/2022
  7. MEDC 2003 Vengeance Plus View File This is a more demanding remake of the standard scenario one from the MEDC 2003 battleset "Vengeance" In the haste to get underway the US carrier group is short handed, friends of Lybia are nosing around and possibly giving aid. You'll need to plan IFR and carefully utilise your available strike assets. If you've played and mastered the original then this will have a few twists to extend the fun. donaldseadog 21/Dec/2022 Submitter donaldseadog Submitted 12/21/2022 Category MEDC  
  8. hmm, is it giving a formula to calculate the range of an object detected by radar [but I don't understand the frequency included] or the max range of the radar [I don't understand seconds]? Willl it tell me how much squash I need on an O-ring sealing my motorbike fuel tap, google is a bit inconsistant.
  9. It's hard to believe I've made no wishes since the last wish list condense in 2011. But here we go... 1\ In PE the exported database file having a name other than the std database name, or better the ability to name the database file or place it in a selected folder. just to make it easier (?) import and export from the same folder as the executed PFBuild file. 2/ In scenario Editor an indication of the lat and long of a selected unit or lat and long of a mouse click position in the group or unit window. 3/ Be able to instruct an ASW aircraft with asw sensors but no weapons to attack a sub contact (F1) so that it will attempt to get a fix on a soft contact. 4/ (new) Have some way associating an air group to a IFR tanker similar to the home base association so that the air unit is happy to fly around while in range of the tanker without requesting to RTB. 5/ If a surface group (or sub group) detect an incoming torpedo and decide to activate sonar all group units activate sonar but often only one unit is in short range of the incoming torpedo and the enemy then have a higher chance of detecting all units. I would like only the unit at risk by the incoming torpedo activate sonar. 6/ When an aircraft has expended its loadout and refuels in air it's range will be it's naked (so to speak) range not the range normally associated with its loadout. 7/ When getting staff message regards the range of an ac group that has been assigned to conduct an intercept, I'd wish the 'select' option selected your assigned intercept group instead of the target enemy group. (see below comment with screen shot) 8/ in PE, when looking at a weapon be able to get a list of mounts (and loadouts?) that use the weapon, and in mounts get a list of classes that use the mount etc.
  10. SPOILER ALERT Two bites of the cherry playing Red side. Game one, opened the game with the Blue carrier group within missile range of my strong SG and Sub, just outside of gun range of the ships. Pretty sure I would get an avalanche of missiles in bound any sec so I launched all I had concentrating somewhat on the escorts then the carriers. At flank speed we were about 5 mins from gunnery range so we bit the bullet and charged in the SG and also the sub. A quick look showed I had some ASUW air assets ready to fly but some way off, so I got them air and queued to reload some ARM loadouts. After about a minute of missiles inbound and my SAM defense, noting enemy damage and an escort sunk, there was a brief calm then the naval guns came to play. I lost one of my big ships but sank another escort and both carriers. My inbound air units were sent home and we rapped up with a good victory. Game two was entirely different. The entire eastern Med Sea was devoid of any Blue contacts other than bases. We sent up some big ASWs and strikers with ASUW loadouts flying high as searching eyes, some fighters in close between us and the myriad of neaby blue bases, and hoped for some targets to be disclosed. Blue launched interceptors (they took the bait) and we took them down then commenced to neutralise their home base and surrounding support. A small Blue SG appeared close enough for our now ARM loaded strikers to get in with initial blinding effect before our ASUW planes finished them off. After some time we had EW contacts coming from far to the west, our intel had said a carrier group so we sent in waves of fighters with long range AAMs until we gauged there was little fighter teeth left in the enemy, by this time our SG and sub were closing in and so too our ARM striker wave with ASUWs staggered behind. By this time Blue bases near our main assets were dust. We then got a sub contact from our own sub, no positive ID so we brought everyone to a creep and sent in some copters to investigate. We knew there were still some Blue fighters appearing but made the gamble. The sub was confirmed as enemy and in range of ours and one of the copters. Five mins later, approx, it was gone and our entry into history as heros of the mother country was confirmed.
  11. AAR ++++++++++++++++++ SPOILER ALERT +++++++++++++++++++ This was quite a long game with plenty of action, mostly air based, but a sprinkling of anti surface and sub marine activity to keep you on your toes. Without giving away too much, here's a cut down of the report file I generated giving a rundown of time spent and spoils. TotalGameTimeDuration=16Hrs6Mins [Initial Start] Actual Date=28/11/2022 13:03:52 (Report Generator=AARdata.dll, downloaded from Harpgamer Forum) Battleset=HDSJ Scenario=C:\Matrix Games\HUCE\addons\medc\2003\2022-12 Two CARRIERS.sco [Session Summary] Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 07:20:00 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs6 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=0Hrs6Mins Session End RealTime=28/11/2022 14:59:31 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:55:38 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 07:26:34 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs14 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=0Hrs20Mins Session End RealTime=28/11/2022 18:19:43 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=0:35:36 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 07:40:58 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=2Hrs10 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=2Hrs31Mins Session End RealTime=28/11/2022 22:00:01 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=3:19:34 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 09:51:51 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=2Hrs56 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=5Hrs27Mins Session End RealTime=29/11/2022 23:01:32 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:57:08 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 12:47:54 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=2Hrs44 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=8Hrs12Mins Session End RealTime=30/11/2022 21:11:48 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:21:59 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 15:32:17 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=3Hrs2 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=11Hrs15Mins Session End RealTime=1/12/2022 22:54:21 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:20:20 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 18:35:07 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=0Hrs10 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=11Hrs25Mins Session End RealTime=5/12/2022 16:23:40 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=0:06:13 ==== ===== Session Start=30 Nov 2022, 20:53:04 GameTimeDuration ThisSession=2Hrs33 Mins TotalGameTimeDuration=16Hrs6Mins Session End RealTime=6/12/2022 22:02:51 RealTimeDuration ThisSession=1:21:15 ==== ===== [Log] ===== Game Start=30 Nov 2022, 07:20:00 +++++++++++++++++++++++ Event=30 Nov 2022, 19:48:02 The BLUE side has met their minimum victory conditions ++++++++++++++++++++++ Event=30 Nov 2022, 23:22:02 The BLUE side has met their total victory conditions [Kill Detail Red Side ] Amur (304)/Ship=1 Ka-27M Helix A 17/Helicopter=4 Su-35S Flanker E/Plane=12 Grigorovich (1135.6)/Ship=1 Su-30SM Flanker G 13/Plane=18 MiG-21bis Fishbed N 00/Plane=9 Buyan-M Pr21631 14/Ship=1 MiG-23ML Flogger G 82/Plane=24 Gorshkov Pr22350/Ship=1 Soobraziltelny Pr20381 11/Ship=1 Steregushchiy Pr2038 07/Ship=1 MiG-23BN Flogger H 80/Plane=39 Su-24M2 Fencer D 09/Plane=6 MiG-29 Fulcrum A 88/Plane=14 Su-22M4K Fitter K 96/Plane=20 MiG-21bis Fishbed N 82/Plane=12 Su-22M3K Fitter J 86/Plane=10 Su-24MK2 Fencer D 07/Plane=11 Su-22M Fitter F 80/Plane=6 Su-34 Fullback 16/Plane=6 Tu-22M3 Backfire C 92/Plane=10 Yasen (885)/Submarine=1 MiG-29N Fulcrum 99/Plane=15 MiG-23MF Flogger B 81/Plane=6 MiG-23MLD Flogger K 83/Plane=6 Il-38N May 14/Plane=4 SAM SA-3b Goa Bty/AD Mobile=6 A-50U Mainstay/Plane=2 MiG-25P Foxbat A 80/Plane=2 SAM SA-6a Bty/AD Mobile=6 Osa II Pr205U/Ship=4 Prachand Pr205U/Ship=4 SAM SA-2f Bty/AD Mobile=5 SSC-3 Styx Bty/Armoured=10 Mobile radar medium range/AD Mobile=2 L-39ZA Albatros 83/Plane=20 L-39ZO Albatros 80/Plane=19 SAM SA-20b Bty/AD Mobile=3 SAM SA-21a Btn/AD Mobile=1 MiG-31BM Foxhound 15/Plane=6 Osa I Pr205/Ship=3 Tir IPS-18/Ship=4 SAM SA-22 Bty/AD Mobile=1 Su-57 PAK-FA 19/Plane=2 SAM SA-5b Btn/AD Mobile=2 ELINT Station/Armoured=1 HY-4 SSM Bty/Armoured=2 [Kill Summary Red Side ] Ships:=21 Planes:=279 Helicopters:=4 Submarines:=1 AD mobile:=26 Armoured:=13 [Kill Detail Blue Side ] AV-8B Harrier II+ 08/Plane=2 ELINT Station/Armoured=1 SAM Starstreak Team/AD Mobile=2 Mobile radar long range/AD Mobile=2 U-2S Dragon Lady/Plane=2 MH-60R Seahawk 15/Helicopter=1 P-8A Poseidon 17/Plane=1 Type 704 Rhon (95)/Ship=1 Rafale M F3R 19/Plane=1 [Kill Summary Blue Side ] Planes:=6 Helicopters:=1 AD mobile:=4 Armoured:=1 Ships:=1 [Kill Detail Neutral Side ] Biological/Submarine=1 [Kill Summary Neutral Side ] Submarines:=1 Thanks again Enrique another great harpoon scenario for the community to play. Hmm, now will I try Red side play????
  12. It is a bit 'funny' as the description shown in the battleset scenario selection menu seems to also include a copy of the blue orders text(as written in the orders writer). You just need to be aware of this when writing orders for scenarios that are to be embedded in a battleset.
  13. I've added tag Not an Issue as having looked from this alternate view it seems that the system is set up that orders for scenarios that are to be embedded in battleset need to be written differently to custom scenarios and the scenarios need to be specific to one side or other.
  14. Ooh, which game engine version were you running? I seem to remember there was a similar error fixed a little while back, but maybe this is in a different part of code? I'll see if I can find the issue report.
  15. If you wish to start a new Battleset inbuilt scenario and go to the appropriate menu then the description of the scenario should include only the scenario background but it also includes the Blue Orders. The screen shots are from BS giuk 2003, but it seems other BS are the same. Not a critical error effecting play so low priority.
  16. While not exactly on topic, I think of a situation of an old tech two turret ship looking at firing upon a group with more than one unit, all within range. Each turret should be either allocated a separate target or should both fire on the same target, then switch once its sunk (or disabled). But what seems to happen is that the first turret listed gets rounds allocated and the second sits inactive. To me this is a bigger fault than over allocation of rounds?
  17. I can never ignore any warning 😳, but maybe 🤫
  18. Another occurrence in a smaller game, same battleset. Files attached. GE.LOG line 1902 game time 100043 shows AirTargetType = (symbol) ge_TypFlt_aa two.zip
  19. This occurred in GE 2022.016 but repeated (different scenario) GE 2022.20 Error isn't reproduced in saved game from 1 and 4 seconds prior. GE.LOG file attached in zip, line 689,553 (game time 109392) shows: 109392 Combat5.c:1580 - G AMA:AirAttacker: ZZr.. AirTargetType = (a symbol not copied) 109392 Combat5.c:1602 - G ZZr:target_type = 1, range=4, bearing=88 109392 Combat5.c:1704 - after case, gflag=0, wrange=143, WR.weapon_range=143, attack type (type_aa)=0 Note the attacker is an F16 loaded with pavewave bomb 4 m range. (maybe a help, maybe a herring?) Scenario and two saved games from -1 and -4 seconds included. played in custom battle set with in built database included. 109392 Combat5.c:1791 - wrange Was TRUE, which means WR.weapon_range was TRUE 109392 Combat5.c:1803 - Having Staff ask Sir, the effective attack range for these aircraft is 143 NM. Target range is 4 NM. Should we close and attack? excepFltType_aa.zip
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