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  1. I went back to Katlin k/1, cleared mag and added 25mm cannon. Good in csv (item 303) but in GE get RGB-10, wep id 22543, which doesn't seem to appear in a ship class anywhere near Katlin k1. So no 'rule'. Hanging up the towel for a while.
  2. I've just noticed that the 127 mm shell getting added all the time inthe GE is the first (of many) item in the mag of the next ship class that has a magazine. Also it is the top of the original magazine item list.
  3. Now in the PE I deleted all items and added 25mm mg, good in csv but in GE it is retaining the 127mm shell.
  4. I've now deleted the first mag entry in PE, the 12.7 mg (original entry). csv file looks totally correct even same order, GE has correct number of items but still wrong item.
  5. I've now added an AS-5 Kelt, and note a few things. Its seems to be added correctly to the csv file but the order of items has changed, The new item is after the previous two but the previous two are swapped around now in reverse order to how they are in the PE. In the GE three items but still the 127mm shells.
  6. Next I add seacat to the magazine, the csv file shows the addition correctly in the following line to the 12.7 mg. In the GE the mag shows there are two items but both are identical (and still the incorrect shell).
  7. Trying for some basic info, I've started with HCCW110114, first ship (makes it easier) is '69 JFK CVA. It has no magazine to start and I add in PE 12.7mm AG MG. That comes thru in the first item of the csv file exactly as I entered it (assuming the wep ID is correct). In GE it's like some typo and I get 127/54 shells? Checking the wep ID for the 127mm/54 is 14348, close but not very close to 14357 (what it should be).
  8. Is this significant? It seems to be the annex_magsEx.csv file (not annex_mags.csv) that is changing after pe export. annex_mags.csv maybe is written at import to PE, annex_magsEx.csv written at export, but all other csv files get overwritten at export?
  9. Time for bed, I'm getting a feeling the csv file is OK (it took a while to work out for each class the order of mag items in the csv is reverse to the PE). The move to the commondb file is getting the number of items right but messing up if the first is deleted or overwritten. I'll look tomorrow at what happens when simply adding items
  10. Also the Count and ReloadTime values come thru into the GE 'normal' even where I give them 'silly' values and in the csv file they come thru with the 'silly' values. But maybe that is how it goes? And confirmed that on occasions of editing one class but not the other, both change in GE but haven't changed in csv file. It does seem (Eric observed it I think) if you delete only some of the items then the original first item remains although the number of items will be correct, but if you delete all then popualte from scratch it is correct (maybe the order is different).
  11. Next I took the sister class (one ship from each in the test scenario) and deleted a couple of items from the magazine in PE, (without first clearing it out) and the result in the GE is two items but one wrong item. Also the magazine in the original edited class appears to be different to what it had been, although not altered in the PE, I'll do the previous again. Annoying, I can't drop screen shot I've probably over spent my HG data budget?
  12. Screen shot (I've no idea if this is helpful): In original HCCW database imported into PE I firstly cleared from bottom up all the magazine for this platform, verified in GE via toolbox that the magazine was empty. Then repopulated (but in different order) the magazine and exported. Restarted the scenario and the correct item were in the magazine but wrong order, the order in the GE is the same as shown here in the csv file (I assume these are the corresponding entries as they are together and the qty and reload correspond to the silly values I used). I'll need to check this as see next post.
  13. I've had a quick look, and don't really know what I'm seeing, the first ~85 entries look the same or nearly the same. Also what is annex_magsEx.csv, how's it differ. This is what I see, what is it telling me? I'm guessing I take a snap shot before and after doing a export and comb the probable places for a change.?
  14. That'll be incredibly useful TE, this thing is very strange to me but I admit the PE is not my home turf. I did squizz into the folder but got overawed and departed. I assume its written at time of export, not real time as edits are done in pe.
  15. HINT, I switched to playing with HCCW 100110, a small DB, exports are nearly instant. I've not found any pattern but what ever the first entry it is hard to get rid of. I did once by starting at the bottom of th emagazine item list and deleting each until all deleted, export and no magaine items. When I repopulated it the order came back with the original first item, not the order in which I entered them. This is totally bizarre to me.
  16. and sometimes in GE the name has changed with the new DB, but no amendments were made to the names? Sometimes it's Newcastle, sometimes Melbourne My conclusion is I don't know what I'm doing
  17. I thought I'd try someting simple and reloaded from HG HCDB2-170909 There is a minor (I think ) error in the mag for RAN Adelaide (07) class, the 12.7mm MG rounds are still there although the MGs mounts have been removed. So I reoved the mg rounds from the magazine and exported to new commondb.res file, but in GE they were still there? So I threw out everything but two weapons from the magazine, exported and guess what, now there are two weapons only in the mag, but not the correct two. Screen shots attached. Maybe it's not the export function that's in error, maybe it's the editing within PE?
  18. YAY, I don't know what I did before but the error seems reproduceable on a second run. But I started from a bad commondb file, so I'll run it all again starting with a good one. I have the commondb.res file in base folder and run ge with a simple test scenario with a known bad ship. I import into a PFData file and the mag looked good, I exported with no changes and the bad mag is still showing up in th egame. I'm completely baffled. If I start with a commondb.res file that plays in the game with a bad magazine showing up in toolbox and import it into PE it looks good, I export it and in GE it still looks bad, commondb .res file seems to have been updated by time stamp. If I do the exact things with a commondb file that plays good in GE showing up correct magazine in toolbox, importing into PE it still looks good and exporting to commondb.res it still plays in GE with correct magazine?
  19. I will, and redo the whole thing to be certain.
  20. This is the PE view of magazine for my Hobart F100s, but one export of the database had the magazine corrupted, yet another export of the database and the new (in theory identical I believe) database is good (for Hobart F100). I don't know what is happening
  21. Haha, theory vs reality I'm thinking at the moment that the error is in export from PE to commondb, so in the PE the magazine can look good but in the commondb that the GE links to it can be bad. This is what I've seen in a couple of mine that are edited in PE then new commondb file generated by export, and you can't see the error in GE (without extra help from eg toolbox). It does seem to be a tricky customer this one
  22. I'm glad you like it I can't wait for it to happen
  23. running std hcdb2 170909 I get mounts reloading: and the mounts are now replenished. Maybe check if your database when loaded in game has correct magazine. I use either my Toolbox or AIWindow, in toolbox look under surface/sub groups page and select the group then the unit to get unit info including magazine, in AIWindow look under Startgroup page and select group then unit. I don't know any other way of checking in game magazine. Or post up the database commondb file you are using and I'll run it here.
  24. Enrique, I'll have a look at your tests on my game for cross check tonight, if no one beats me to it. (9am here at the moment) I see it looks like you use a modified HCDB2-170909 MOD database, is that right? it might effect the outcome. I'm doing a quick run with std HCDB2-170909 and see what I get.
  25. I don't know if this helps. I have two edtided versions of hcdb2, one form sept 22, one from recently. when used in a test scenario the 2022 comondb is good, the 2023 shows errors in the mag. I have a couple of screen shots here and attach a zip with the two commondb files and the pair of pf files. in the PE the mag looks good. PEMagProb.zip
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