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  1. I love 3. I think when the scenario editor tests routes for groundings it can sometimes get it wrong, I assume because a unit in an outer ring of yhe formation can move around its designated segments and not follow a strictly defines course?
  2. Ive got something in toolbox that lets you do this individually with aircraft units but I don't think I've done it so that it'll work with subs in a surface group. It would be simple to implement but would be great to be in the unit window operations.
  3. I am half thinking the reports say "sinking" and that you can find ghost like critters in the unit window for quite some time untill they disappear and untill then they are a target that can be picked up by missiles. If you send two volleys of missiles at a target and the first inflicts 100% damage on the unit then it is removed from its previos group and a new group created with it as 00 unit, if you look at the second volley of missiles its target name has been amended to the units new designation. It sort of fits in. If the unit sinks (and no longer has its ghost showing) I think the missiles go "no target" state but i don't know if they get a trigger to start looking for a target like they would if launched "bearing only". A nice exercise to run perhaps?
  4. common failure of mine (and I suspect I'm not alone in this) was that, having engineered a meeting of tanker and air group, I'd forget to 'join' them until it was too late, resulting in an embarrassing and vexatious big splash in an empty ocean 😱! A handy thing you can do when setting a "course" is to add a staff note (f10) at a course location, eg if manually joining groups at the end point add a speed (f3) "loiter" and staff note "join group xxa" . I often use it when setting up an attack so at the spot where I want to launch the attack I add the staff note "attack xxb?" This is how the staff notescome up at the end of a toolbox patrol or when a group has "covered" a targets previous known position. I have pondered if I could write a proceedure that would allow an enemy group sent to a patrol point to start seeking targets from there (but not before) I think that might be possible. That sort of thing can be done with surface groups but the scenario writer can't give airgroups involved courses, just simple patrol, attack or ferry.
  5. Rescue, Im glad you find the toolbox useful. From memory I set out just playing with whatcould be done then added a few things I wanted, prominently IFR and vectoring groups together to join. It then grew. A lot of the functions are just to see if they work but really need fine tuning such as the "1 rep 2" which lets group 1 repair group 2 - I intend (one day) to limit its use to bases and supply type ships and operate on individual untis within. One limit in my mind is that too many functions available to the player, but not the AI only further gives advantage to the player, but some of the scenario writers are really good and they manage to make it hard for us by design I've been a landlubber for a few years and the toolbox does need someupdating, as well as fine tuning of some of the test of concept stuff. I'd really like to be able to drop 'pins' on the map to remember where targets lie (or did lie) in hiding after loss of contact.
  6. I don't know if its best but I normally try to chew off closest targets, preferably after getting in a few anti radar hits. I figure they can act as a screen for the more valuable targets as well as a possible 'magnet' to a large scale strike on multiple targets. All guess work. It can get very fiddly, which isn't what I like, so I tend to attack in waves. If a big target has been hit and is sinking, I try to come in from a different angle.
  7. donaldseadog


    Version 1.0.0


    This is a revamp of an old scenario played in the Westpac Battleset using HCDB data base with operations revolving around a small surface group comprising RAN helicopter carrier Canberra transiting from north of Australia thru to Singapore. Air assets are available from Australia and Singapore and need to be used along with Canberra's helos to seek out and destroy hostile installations.
  8. View File Transit This is a revamp of an old scenario played in the Westpac Battleset using HCDB data base with operations revolving around a small surface group comprising RAN helicopter carrier Canberra transiting from north of Australia thru to Singapore. Air assets are available from Australia and Singapore and need to be used along with Canberra's helos to seek out and destroy hostile installations. Submitter donaldseadog Submitted 03/31/2021 Category WestPac
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    Tony, at the moment I'm just slowly remembering how to play the game. But I'll yell when I'm ready - I'll try to do a few scenarios to get back into it I think. So far my old code seems to be operating OK.
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    Tony, I'm glad to hear it helps.
  11. donaldseadog


    In my "toolbox" export dll program thingee (that's been gathering dust in the downloads while I've been riding my vintage bikes) there are two functions I started to play with that begin to look at dropping torpedos and changing missile targets. They kind of work but need a tidy up which I hope to get onto once I've re settled into my harpooning seat. An air group can be directed to cover the exact postion of a sub (if known) and then report back so you can gauge if it's good to drop the torp on the targets head (hopefully it hasn't moved too far in the meantime or exact fix lost). Missile units in flight can be assigned a target (or target re assigned). One hitch here is that it works with all missiles some of which aren't really missiles and some of which aren't in reality capable of target reassignment, so its up to the player not to cheat. Any way it kind of shows that things could be done regarding these two issues but so far as the missile targettin I'm not sure how to best reflect reality as different missiles have different capability and I'm guessing that firing off a large number of missiles at a large number of close targets would likekly result in the biggest or nearest target copping the lot?
  12. They could probably be incorporated into victory conditions if the scenario writer wished?
  13. Tony, You'll need a crew, I've had experience (please send air fare)
  14. I no longer seem to be getting any crashes, but will try a few more of the supplied files
  15. I don't seem to be getting crashes from any other scenarios/battlesets.
  16. AVG free. I'm on windows 7 home, an old (now ) pentium laptop and 2020.017 game build. None of my game saves have created reproducible crashes. They are a bit random in nature, on one occasion when I restarted the old game seemed to have been saved but a whole surface group of mine had disappeared. I've now started playing other battlesets to see if they are stable. I've also noticed I have work to do on my DLL s Don
  17. I'm still very rusty, maybe that helps, I did manage to get a crash with error message after about an hour of game time from supplied auutosave.006. I wasn't doing autosaves or any logging and my eyelids were dropping (I forgot a screen shot even) so I'll see what I can do to repeat with more info but perhaps we have some common elemnt in our computers, so I'll grab that info too and post again. Don
  18. wow, I seem to be in good company I guess its going to work for me too
  19. Well they're much more spectacular Xmas photos than I could provide. While Tony had a white Xmas I sat in humid 35 deg C temps overlooking the western brim of the Pacific Ocean. I hope everyone relaxed a bit and were able to enjoy family and friends. Don
  20. I have to confess to being quite slow to get going, but if the grey matter co operates I don't think it's a big job. I've not yet looked but much of what is needed is in the code for my toolbox,I think I just need to spit out numbers - maybe?
  21. Well it looks nice and fresh. I did get a little worried when it rejected my logon, for some reason lost in history my account name is different to my display name, but it soon jelled :)
  22. I ran some of these (mostly air and sub launched anti surface missiles) and some similar last night.It is interesting to watch the group window and the unit window, the group and unit headings and the telltails (direction of travel indicators). The group telltails seem to be indicating what the direction of travel should be, but isn't. Units with differing targets aren't diverging, although a couple of times they did AFTER the head unit (00unit) hit its target, but this didn't seem consistent.
  23. I've no idea,but I trust the Harpoon DB authors
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