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  1. I guess I still haven't gotten used to the idea of not getting a physical item when I buy something,
  2. I looked at this as I have a new computer to load, it seems only the download version is now available, no posted dvd, is that right Tony do you know? Don
  3. Its not as easy as riding a bike, that's for sure
  4. arguably this thought is more scenario design, but there's an overlap with the current database discussion I think. Often when doing a scenario design you know in the back of your mind a platform you want to use but you can't remember which country uses the one you're after. What would be useful would be a search of the database on key words, eg pull up all F16s. Maybe a stand alone tool?
  5. I'm part way thru my second run again playing blue. My feeling is that by keeping the surface groups emitting no radar signature and by being very aggressive against all chinese air groups our blue surface groups are staying undetected. This can be checked in I think LazGui or extendedLazGui where you can read units visibiility to enemy. I'll have a look and report back
  6. Where's your sense of adventure? They are a chilling combo ...
  7. Haha, next time just hoon in and try cannon?
  8. I don't think that's ugly at all. I love it. Maybe load outs could have a range factor and be shared across multiple aircraft? Maybe don't need loadouts but compatible weapon bundles, each with its range factor? Maybe this could then even allow getting around the unlimited aircraft weapon situation? Very random thoughts.
  9. I didn't realise the ge still made so much reference to the external db structure, I envisaged it filling pigeon holes with the external data then just referencing its pigeon holes, and by loading from multiple data base just filling more pigeon holes - kind of analogy. I'd been pondering ways of spreading the load of database management and flexibility in updating. I like your 'b' option especially if the scenario editor can choose from multiple database 🙂
  10. If I have it right at game start the referenced database is loaded into memory and that's what the GE uses during play. In a vague random thought I wondered if it's feasible to load additional data from an "addendum" db file or two? Would that help? DonT
  11. Hi Byron I wrote a little "helper" for starting the scenario editor mostly to more easily manage the database reference. Its in the downloads section and called (I think) ScenEdit Launcher - or similar. It lets you eg put differing database files in respective folders and named however you like. (Sorry I'm vague here but I'm working off phone on holidays) DonT
  12. I'm going to vote hargamer forum on basis most people interested in participating will have an harpgamer account,
  13. I don't know yet Eric, I might be away in caravan, our present plan, and we're often not in internet areas
  14. I've been using these in the belly of F35s against ships with devastating results. They seem like cheating. One thing I quickly noticed was that you can launch them at the max range from any altitude, the limited data I could find specified that the range is significantly reduced when lunched from lower altitudes (as expected). Maybe some twweeking of database would be good now this sort of weapon is getting significant range (~60nm), or is it a game engine thing? Its so long since I looked at databases I can't remember if range against launch height can be specified, or is it a 'simulation thing' where the aircraft quickly climbs, releases weapon then descends so is effectively still low? They also seem to be very effective on large ships although only a relatively small payload, ?
  15. While looking at the frigate info link I saw this pretty cool critter: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMNZS_Canterbury_(L421)
  16. I should have mentioned toolbox only shows the players magazines, all magazine data can be seen for each applicable platform in my DLL lazgui extention tool, which adds a few more functions to TonyEs lazgui tool.
  17. I can say that this is getting closer, I have a start in my latest toolbox, so it is showing magazine content as the game plays. I'll fine tune it and then put the code into my AAR DLL so there'll be a status at game session end. There is quite a lot of data if the game has a fair number of platforms.
  18. After four years of being out of date I've revised and uploaded the AARdata tool in the tools/mods section of the downloads. Sorry it's taken me so long This tool writes a txt file to your main harpoon folder AARdata.txt that holds info from the game play since the current file was started, so you can archive your old file (by changing its name or moving it to a different folder) before starting a new scenario and you'll have a record of major occurrences and time for the life of the scenario. I'll now start looking at provide a snap shot of the content of magazines to be included.
  19. Toolbox exercise View File A very simple scenario allowing use of exportDLL "Toolbox" (obtained from the downloads - tools/mods/... section) to practice your skills in using IFR tankers to extend the range of air groups. A couple of few simple targets at long range from your airbases make it essential to use tanker supported strike groups. Submitter donaldseadog Submitted 07/11/2021 Category WestPac  
  20. Version 1.0.0


    A very simple scenario allowing use of exportDLL "Toolbox" (obtained from the downloads - tools/mods/... section) to practice your skills in using IFR tankers to extend the range of air groups. A couple of few simple targets at long range from your airbases make it essential to use tanker supported strike groups.
  21. I hope to start looking at this soon, first step will be to put the data in my toolbox, once it looks OK I'll run something to spit out a text file (csv database kind of thing probably) at game end.
  22. Toolbox, new version just uploaded, will let you half do what you want but the offset air units do not move in patterns relative to the group centre, they are just offset and can be set at their own altitudes. As said there isn't anything I know that lets you set the type of active formation you're after. In many ways you get a better result by splitting the units off into their own groups and seeing where they are relative to your 'main' group and managing them that way.
  23. I think that was in the dos version? ! I can see it in my minds eye.
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