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  1. Three patrols within formation about Richmond base have been set P3s dropping sonar buoys to track their path. See screen shot, the two P3s patrolling the centre circle only patrol the east of north 1/8th segment. I expect them to patrol the whole central circular zone. Attached is a saved game conducting the patrols, database HCDB, westpac battleset, GE 20221.009 BadFormPatrol.zip
  2. zipped test save UntSpdCrash attached, std HCDB database westpack battleset GE 2021.009 Select air unit in unit window and mouse click 'f2 Speed' button and game will crash. UntSpdCrash.zip
  3. Looking further I don't think there is a problem, I'd thought that the recent changes included that a total victory was going to be awarded if a side met minimum victory and there was no total victory conditions defined but the player destroyed all enemy, but it appears to be as before, to get total victory the total victory conditions must be defined in the scenario and met.
  4. I'll post a game save tonight, I was in westpac scenario 1, only blue side minimum victory conditions are set in scenario. I met minimum but played on and destroyed all red to test if blue total victory would be granted (I interpret your run down of changes to mean it should) but no total victory granted. Neutrals still exist and I pondered if that was related.
  5. I might have wrongly read TonyE comments on the GE changes but assumed that if no total victory conditions are set in the scenario total victory will be granted if all enemy are destroyed but this doesn't happen if there are remaining neutrals.
  6. GE 2021.009 I tried HCDB and HCDB2, three separate scenarios within westpac battleset, two custom and one battleset scenario (#1), all consistent crash. Air units either in a patrol around a base or as '0' unit in an air group, select in unit window and select "speed" button and game crash every time. (rather disappointing as I got very excited when I saw it )
  7. Yes, a bit strange, if the aircraft is within range (and not currently prosecuting the target) of the target it does a "casual attack" then toddles off. If you set its its course to somewhere outside torp range and issue a new attack order it stays on the job.
  8. I called a truce, they agreed About 7 hours game time continually working frantically ... no time for strategy, or planning beyond air superiority (took a while to achieve) [Kill Detail Blue Side ] Eurofighter 17/Plane=15 F-35A Lightning II 20/Plane=9 Tornado ECR 13/Plane=11 KC-46A Pegasus 18/Plane=6 Tornado IDS LW 13/Plane=8 Mirage 2000-5F 07/Plane=4 Rafale C F3R 19/Plane=4 [Kill Summary Blue Side ] Planes:=57 [Kill Detail Red Side ] Su-35S Flanker E/Plane=44 F-16CJ52+ Falcon 17/Plane=72 Mobile radar medium range/AD Mobile=2 J-31 Gyrfalcon 18/Plane=48 Su-27SM Flanker B 05/Plane=14 Su-24M2 Fencer D 09/Plane=42 Su-24MP Fencer F 92/Plane=7 Su-25SM3 Frogfoot 16/Plane=9 Su-33M Flanker D/Plane=15 SAM SA-3b Goa Bty/AD Mobile=6 Su-30SM Flanker G 13/Plane=18 Su-34 Fullback 16/Plane=18 MiG-29 Fulcrum A 89/Plane=12 Ka-27M Helix A 17/Helicopter=6 Sovremennyy (956A/92)/Ship=1 Tu-160M Blackjack 16/Plane=4 J-15 Flying Shark 16/Plane=12 J-20 Mighty Dragon 18/Plane=6 Su-30MK2 Flanker G 09/Plane=9 Tu-22M3M Backfire C 16/Plane=6 Y-8DZ/Plane=1 Steregushchiy Pr2038 07/Ship=1 J-11B/Plane=20 Neustrashimyy (1154)/Ship=2 [Kill Summary Red Side ] Planes:=357 AD mobile:=8 Ships:=4 Helicopters:=6 A few damaged red bases and ships on top of that, Don
  9. There's some interesting reading on the internet if you start searching this https://www.defensenews.com/air/2019/06/12/supersonic-speeds-could-cause-big-problems-for-the-f-35s-stealth-coating/
  10. I better get lazarus loaded on the new computer and have a looky. Prob in a few days as we're away doing pseudo xmas family stuff.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's done it for ages, I vaguely remembering wondering if it served a purpose, but it didn't seem to cause an issue (for me) although strange and seemingly of no use.
  12. Did you cover any significant stuff?
  13. I was travelling but otherwise it would have suited.
  14. I got stuck on this for a bit while setting up a new computer so new players might come across it too. When you use TonyE's game launcher (and everyone should, it makes life so easy) you might get an error message saying the serial number can't be validated and contact Matrix Games. To solve this you might need to start launcher from a shortcut and alter the shortcut advanced settings to run as administrator. Don
  15. Maybe just start smaller so its easier to write the scenario then build on it? Perhaps assume your subs got thu and the US have set up a picket line and start form there?
  16. I'm about an hour into it, I shiver when any one detects one of those Pak demons 🥴.
  17. At the current price I am flabbergasted that it's not clogging up the internet with downloads ... (and I'm now a fan of download only program loading, although doing it at the inlaws with a high 'speed' internet probably helped a lot.)
  18. Those 3 changes sound good to me. Regards the recording can I access that via exportDLL? Or can I catch it as it tests positive, is it an 'event'? I've been meaning to chase that up for my AAR-Report.dll. Don (ed)
  19. Australia dumps troubled European-designed Taipan helicopters for US Black Hawks and Seahawks https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-10/australia-dumps-troubled-mrh-90-taipan-helicopters/100688550
  20. It is also a bit strange that the latest product purchase is so out of date, I was pretty surprised, I probably should have dug up my old install DVD. The presentation for non addicts could be improved But it is good to be playing (even with a ten year old version) on a computer that has a stable video
  21. I made the mistake of thinking about this when I went to bed ... Yes I agree total victory conditions should be tested if no minimum victory conditions are specified but I think minimum victory conditions should always be specified (as a minimum so to speak ) If no total victory conditions are specified total victory should be granted if minimum conditions are met and all enemy are destroyed - otherwise the player goes hunting around looking for what they haven't done. Maybe the scenario editor (or somewhere) needs a few hints for the scenario designer to get a better idea on what's expected? What makes a good set of victory conditions and how orders can be written to lead the player to victory? I'm sure some players just start the game and go blasting away at everything, but that defeats the purpose of a detailed and accurate simulation. Really the orders and the victory conditions are as important as the game structure, in fact I got thinking about having multiple scenarios with the same structure but different victory conditions and orders. It sounds promising to me, escalating from easy to hard. don
  22. Thnks for the thought Tony, but I've got my "special" original physical discs so perfectly happy in that regard.
  23. After Action Report Game time: about 5hr:15 min [Kill Detail Red Side ] Su-30MK2 Flanker G 09/Plane=16 JH-7A Flounder 04/Plane=14 J-10A Vig Dragon 06/Plane=18 J-8F Finback B 04/Plane=8 J-20 Mighty Dragon 18/Plane=4 Divine Eagle 15/Plane=1 J-16 Flying Shark 14/Plane=14 Ka-31 Helix E 10/Helicopter=2 Zhi-9C Haitun/Helicopter=8 Su-30MKK Flanker G 01/Plane=7 Y-8Q/Plane=1 Y-8CA/Plane=1 Luyang II Type 052C/Ship=2 Houbei Type 022/Ship=12 Ka-28 Helix A 96/Helicopter=3 Kunming Type 052D 15/Ship=2 J-11A/Plane=4 BZK-005 Sea Eagle/Plane=8 Q-5I Fantan 83/Plane=6 KJ-500/Plane=1 KJ-200 (Y-8W)/Plane=1 [Kill Summary Red Side ] Planes:=104 Helicopters:=13 Ships:=16 [Kill Detail Blue Side ] P-3C-II Orion 92/Plane=8 F-2A (FS-X) 17/Plane=1 [Kill Summary Blue Side ] Planes:=9 My strategy, for want of a better word, was to put up a dense curtain of fighters with a second curtain of ASUW and a rear line of air refuel tankers and AEW aircraft. I let the ships and subs continue along their designated routes keeping a watch on how close enemy units progressed. The long ranged fighters were a god send, so to their long ranged AAM s allowing the firing of good salvos of missiles and a quick retreat to home (or in some cases a waiting IFR tanker). I did get a bit intrepid, to my regret, trying to get some Orions in close enough to DDGs to let fly their relatively short range anti ship missiles but learned to keep them for the less well defended missile boats leaving the harder to crack surface groups to the longer ranged ASMs of the P1 s and F-2a s (I liked these fellas) and a few F-35 s loaded up with SDB s. I decided to quit while ahead when I got a Minimum Victory although there was still a lot of action happening and certainly some competent enemy ships still about. Thanks to broncepulido for another great Harpoon scenario ... now back for another crack to try for a complete win
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