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  1. Attached zip includes test scenario file and a game save. GE 2021.014, HCDB2 1709009, westpac BS, scenario written with latest SE saved game starts at time 23:31 minutes, at 24:10 - 24:11 the blue plane reaches a course point where it changes direction and altitude, it goes to 0 kts loiter. carrierAir.zip
  2. Oops, I'll fix the version required reference, thanks for feedback
  3. I think I've seen that too I'm currently seeing it in a large game and what I'm seeing is airgroups just seem to be stopping at 0 kts I think where they had a course change programed. I'm also seeing some crashing after an assertion failed warning so I'll start looking at some smaller scenarios to see if its still happening there. Don
  4. With GE 2021.014 I used TonyE's test scenario UnitSpeedAltTest doing all the tests other than ship and submarine in fixed base formation and everything supposed to happen did, and things not supposed to happen didn't, so that looks like a win.
  5. The right perspective is always important
  6. I've written a test scenario and confirmed it there, posted in defect notices. I wonder how long this has been? I do recall a recent 'mega' scenario that surprised me at the finish that it had only gone for about 6 hous game time, it might have been 2 days 6 hours ๐Ÿ˜
  7. I'm glad nothing stops us using them already in Harpoon โค๏ธ
  8. There's an old (possibly Australian)song that says 'Two out of Three ain't bad'. I bet your love vibes reached your brother's family, and all the best to them. Happy xmas to you all, ps your son's are growing to be be tall I'm going to guess ๐Ÿ˜
  9. as game goes past midnight the date remains the same, I'd expect it to go to the next date as midnight passes. atttached scenario for westpac battleset, hddb database. testdate.zip
  10. I was using both 2021.010 and .012 to play a fairly long intense game and after I'd called a truce and looked of the report from AAR.DLL I noticed that at midnight (game time) the day's date didn't change. I'll write a test scenario to check this out when I get a chance but wanted to mention it incase others had noticed it.
  11. I played my usual 'air warfare' game getting a good cap curtain up as fast as possible and then sending our recons to find where attacks were likely to come from. Well that didn't take long, quite a few incoming of various sorts, from various directions, and soon my fighter/interceptor reserve was gone but somehow we got thru the first hour or so of game time with no more than a lost growler, unfortunately these are great assets and with only none left I started getting a bit more cautious. The intelligence brief was pretty good and I managed to resist the temptation of sending torpedos off at the first sub contact, an unknown, which turned out to be a neutral. But next time round when torpedos started hurling in on me there was no hesitation to have a go. AT near 1AM, about 9 hours of game time I put down a pesky carrier having sunk a number of her escorts and downed many of her planes to get a minimum victory - but although the attacks had reduced they still came and constant searching kept bringing up more targets until at about 20 hours game time I was ready to call a truce although I had the feeling there were still plenty of enemy left, and a quick 'see all' confirmed I could have easily put in another 6 hours of game time searching the remaining enemy with a few being pretty likely to cause me grief before I pulled them up. Casualties were plenty for both sides, the enemy worked very well and took quite a toll on my assets: [Kill Detail Blue Side ] Do-228-101/Plane=3 Success (97)/Ship=1 MiG-29K Fulcrum D 14/Plane=5 MiG-29KUB Fulcrum D 14/Plane=5 P-8I Neptune 13/Plane=2 Su-30MKI3 Flanker H 16/Plane=8 MiG-29UPG Baaz 12/Plane=4 EA-18G Growler 17/Plane=1 C-130J-30 Hercules II/Plane=3 Rajput (61ME)/Ship=1 Chakra II (971U)/Submarine=1 FA-18F Super Hornet 17/Plane=3 [Kill Summary Blue Side ] Planes:=34 Ships:=2 Submarines:=1 [Kill Detail Red Side ] Myanmar/Ship=4 J-8F Finback B 04/Plane=8 J-7G Fishbed 04/Plane=11 J-11D/Plane=12 Aung Zeya/Ship=1 Anawrahta/Ship=1 Wing Loong I 13/Plane=5 LNG carrier/Ship=1 Super Tanker/Ship=3 Soar Dragon/Plane=2 J-15 Flying Shark 16/Plane=24 Divine Eagle 15/Plane=3 H-6K Badger 09/Plane=12 JF-17 Thunder Blk1 11/Plane=10 JF-17 Thunder Blk2 15/Plane=6 Jiangkai II Type 054A/Ship=1 Su-33MK Flanker D/Plane=8 BZK-005 Sea Eagle/Plane=10 C-602 (YJ-62) Bty/Armoured=2 Zhi-9C Haitun/Helicopter=13 Jiangdao 056A 14/Ship=6 Z-18F Sea Eagle 17/Helicopter=10 40mm/70 Bofors AAA Bty/AD Mobile=2 DH-10 Bty/Armoured=1 Z-18J Bat 14/Helicopter=7 Hangzhou (956E)/Ship=1 MiG-29UB Fulcrum B 92/Plane=8 Kunming Type 052D 15/Ship=1 Shang Type 093B 13/Submarine=2 Luyang Type 052B/Ship=2 SAM SA-15 Tor-M1 Bty/AD Mobile=1 Shandong 001A 20/Carrier=1 Luyang II Type 052C/Ship=2 Fuchi Type 903A 13/Ship=2 Shang Type 093G 16/Submarine=1 Z-8K Super Frelon 07/Helicopter=12 Yuting II Type 072-III/Ship=2 Yuzhao Type 071 07/Ship=3 Song Type 039G1 03/Submarine=1 Shichang/Ship=1 Dayun/Ship=1 Jiangkai I Type 054/Ship=1 Luda IV Type 051/Ship=1 [Kill Summary Red Side ] Ships:=34 Planes:=119 Helicopters:=42 Armoured:=3 AD mobile:=3 Carriers:=1 Submarines:=4 and I took over two bases (using TonyE's cool turncoat.dll tool)
  12. Merry Xmas Broncepulido, I hope you had great xmas celebrations.
  13. cookie making, sounds great to me, have a great time with the family and don't sneak off unless its dish washing
  14. Also related, something that happens occasionally but i've never worked out the circumstances, an air unit comes into range of a surface group and you're asked if you'd like to fire and (even less often) you're then given an 'attack window' to select what and how many object to throw ... Handy when conservation of munitions is important.
  15. This is keeping me out of the rainy weather, pretty appropriate
  16. I did a few quick se saves on a westpac battleset scenario and one of mine using hcdb2 database and no error message at saving
  17. I've done a little testing using GE 2021.012 and TonyEs test scenario from the parallel running issue GE crash editing speed in unit window. For all the different arrangements positioning in formation seems to be good, sprint and drift seems to be working good, moving to different patrol segments seem to be good, patroling centre inner circle zone is good. My only (slightly) negative observation (not a critical problem) is if I'd been zoomed into a group then on opening the formation editor I need to reduce the scale one 'notch' - that might just be to do with my group window size I'm using a 14" lap top, there is no problem if I'm going from a zoomed out (say 4X) group window view. I'm itching to look at 2021.013
  18. View File Taiwan Strait Transit The aim is to transit a group of international ships the length of the Straight between Taiwan and Mainland China. Expect resistance to this transit by Chinese aircraft from both shore and ship based groups. You need:database HCDB2-170909, Westpac Battleset and HUCE version minimum 2015.008, 2021.009 preferred. Game intensity is moderate and significant time can be spent at accelerated time settings if desired. Submitter donaldseadog Submitted 12/22/2021 Category WestPac  
  19. Version 1.0.0


    The aim is to transit a group of international ships the length of the Straight between Taiwan and Mainland China. Expect resistance to this transit by Chinese aircraft from both shore and ship based groups. You need:database HCDB2-170909, Westpac Battleset and HUCE version minimum 2021.009. Game intensity is moderate and significant time can be spent at accelerated time settings if desired.
  20. While we're thinking about victory conditions something I sometimes ponder is how to account for bad actions. As an example a surface group in hostile waters sinks a neutral sub before getting a positive id. Maybe that sort of thing should be available as a victory condition for the opponent? Or maybe a neutral side could be triggered to align with another side, thus joining the enemy? Or the scenario aim might be to defend a transiting surface group but not to escalate the strategic situation by taking out enemy bases or distant ships?
  21. GE 2021.010, Test save game zip attached, using westpac battleset and hcdb 150929 database At point of start 3 fa 18 detect two helo and a ship. Total victory is to destroy a ship, min victory is to destroy a helo. If you first sink the ship then down the helo you only get min victory, I would expect you'd get both min and total victory as both conditions are met. If you down the helo then sink the ship you get your minimum vic (when helo is downed) and total when ship is sunk, as I'd expect. PS in the same scenario but with no minimum victory set you get total victory when you sink the ship so that is good. victest.zip
  22. I've played with this in 2021.010 with a simple air unit in patrol formation about a land base. An issue I see is that in the formation editor (within the group window) the positioning of the air unit relative to land and other groups depends upon the scale set in the group window. Here are some screen shots to illustrate (I hope) what I mean. The unit window (now) shows the correct position of the blue patrol unit but looking at the group window in formation edit mode the 8x scale is showing it correctly but the 32x scale is wrong.
  23. HINT: read the orders again when you come onto your next watch ... I don't think I'm giving anything away to say that there is continuous action and fine tuning of immediate action to counter changing circumstances. I suffered some unexpected damage ( not spoiling it by saying where ) when some one snuck thru and lobbed some munitions on me where I had left myself defenseless and insufficient 'eyes', but generally a tight air defence and asw curtain held firm. I had dealt a fair bit of destruction then one of the junior officers asked what was our aim, so I looked back at the orders and realised I'd committed an oversight. General stats: Scenario=C:\Matrix Games\HUCE\addons\medc\2003\2021-11 POLARIS 21.sco [Log] session start=8 Nov 2021, 05:00:00 ..... Event=08 Nov 2021, 08:58:24 The Tonnerre L9014 unit ZZ002, a Mistral class, is sinking! Event=08 Nov 2021, 09:00:01 The BLUE side has met their minimum victory conditions Event=08 Nov 2021, 09:00:01 The BLUE side has met their total victory conditions Oh, and no auquatic animals were harmed, but it was close ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Another great scenario, thanks broncepulido
  24. I forgot to mention the positive, the p2s were patrolling correctly within other segments\zones between correct radii boundaries
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