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  1. I got the same result. The procedure to reproduce appears to be:

    Launch a group with atleast 2 units each unit of at least 2 plane.

    After they are formed up either;  1/ order group land then split the group into two groups each of one unit or at least 2 planes or

                                                           2/ split group and order to land at least the original group (now a single unit or more than 1 plane)

    THEN at a point after the first plane of the original group has landed, but not the complete group, save the game.

    When the game is opened the original group will NOT continue to land planes.

    The group created by the split doesn't seem to be effected, it does'nt seem to matter what order the RTB and group split orders are executed.

    I tested using Erics files as a start and used GE 2024.002

  2. 14 hours ago, donaldseadog said:

    With encouragement I could do something similar for vhigh capable aircraft given an AEW patrol ;)

    ^^^ done for next version, now working on patrols applied to a current course (ie, the player sets the course 'turn points' and sortie speed/alt, the tool inserts loiter/hover and altband for asw and temporary  radar for CAP and AEW/EW

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  3. A new version has been just uploaded, just a small refinement to the ASW search pattern so the group will conduct the ASW search at vlow altband if the group has no non helo units that aren't NOE equipped. This helps if trying to screen for subs close to an enemy AA screen.

    With encouragement I could do something similar for vhigh capable aircraft given an AEW patrol ;)

  4. I'm hoping user error, but haven't found it yet so I thought I'd ask if anyone else is having PE export problems resulting in bad allocation of countries to platforms and some platforms having no country. It is a problem I've seen before but can't remember the detail of cause and fix. I also had a recent OS update and think it occured since my last good PE export :(



  5. I have been playing with some extended range naval guns and found in the HCDB2 DB three versions of Vulcano extended range 5" munition.

    see https://electronics.leonardo.com/documents/16277707/0/Vulcano+127.pdf?t=1671440934942

    In HC terms two are Guns, one is a missile (speed about 2200 kts). When I used the missile I thought 'wow, so slow', but then when I started to think about it the speed was quite correct and more realistic than the instant gun hit (or miss), so I started to wonder for long range artillery should we use 'missile' and not 'gun' weapons?

    I'm interested in the new Kingfisher concept for ASW including the delivery of small depth charge and sonar buoys and thinking if use 'missile' then could use an asroc style weapon.

    see https://www.navylookout.com/the-kingfisher-gun-launched-anti-submarine-munition/

    What do people think?


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  6. This scenario, and other thoughts, have spurred me on to write a small tool for modifying some attributes of in game platforms to better simulate surface (and semisubmerged) drones. Attached is a game save from this scenario where the suicide boats are low RCS and VCS and increased speed (I over did speed, so now max 55 kts).

    It should open and play with HCDB2 database but retain the platform mods (described above). A slightly different game play results.

    On 6/18/2023 at 7:56 AM, broncepulido said:

    Notes on some platforms:

    - Project 18280 Yuriy Ivanov-class maximum speed is 20 knots (and cruise speed 16), not 16 as usually stated.

    - For H I Sutton the Ukrainian kamikaze USVs speed is 43 knots.

    - Ship platform 3264 Suicide Boat is employed as Ukrainian USVs (but her maximum speed is only 30 knots).

    This scenario has spurred me on to write a tool for making minor modifications within the game to existing game platforms to better simulate this type of USV (and also UUVs)


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  7. TonyE has come up with a lead which has given good results, further testing and AIWindow.dll interrogation shows that a key identifier (unit's UUID) is not being generated for new units formed when a unit within a group is split by virtue of splitting the group (F8) but is copied from the original thus two units have the same (meant to be unique) Unit UUID. If the new and original units are together again in the same group then only one will land.

    In the screen shot, centre window, the data is for the selected group's units, the numbers should be unique.



  8. A third run, nothing new learnt:

    ABA group of 5 launched and then ACA group of one joined so that two ac from ABAjoin ACA and the orginal ACA joins ABA, then the two ACA ac joni ABA so have

    AB000 (3 original ABA ac), AB001 (1 orginal ACA ac) and AB002 (2 ac split from original ABA then rejoined) RTB

    all land except AB002, the two ac that were split and rejoin ABA.

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