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  1. HCE - 2022.010 - 2022-08-05
    - Chg:32451 GE Fixed an uninitialized variable platNow that would trigger when
                    AI guns engage against player missiles. These are showing up
                    as a result of better tooling in the Microsoft runtime.  There
                    are likely hundreds of these unitialized variables scattered
                    in the HC code.  The warning dialog for them only appears in
                    debug builds but each one fixed is an opportunity avoid
                    potential corruption of the game state/memory. (thanks eeustice)

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  2. HCE - 2022.009 - 2022-07-29
    - Chg:00000 PE Added reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime so that 
                 FileSystemObject can be used for reading .csv files.
    - Chg:00000 PE No longer uses the MS Access Import and Export Specifications,
                 imports and exports are now done with file reader & writer and
                 DAO.recordset.  This works around Microsoft breaking the import
                 and export spec functionality.  As a side effect, it makes it
                 easier to modify the structure of the database.

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