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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of HUD4? I just got back into Harpoon last year, got the ultimate edition, and found this site to see what the status of the game was. I started noticing references to mines and mine hunting that, as a mine sweep sailor really peaked my interest. I know it's not included in HUD3 or ANW, at least I haven't seen it so I would enjoy seeing how it plays out in a Harpoon like setting. Thanks in advance!

  2. Good Morning, I have H3 ver. 3.9.4 and H3 ultimate ANW.  I switch between games for no specific reason and I noticed they have different databases, and even different configuration launchers. H3  has the HUD3 1.3.21 while the ANW has HUD3 1.5.0 DB. I would like to update to the latest DB. Could anyone tell me what the most current DB is and how to update? I just started playing Harp again and although I can remember updating in the past, it was a lot of years ago and my memory just isn't what it used to be. Thanks in advance!

  3. Tony,

    Thanks. This is a great start and I appreciate it I can build from this file. What I really need is the aircraft speeds, or I believe the performance factors. The basic calculation for the ToT is distance to tgt divided by speed equals time. There are other factors that have to be added to get really close but I just need to know how long it will take each plane or missile to get from point a to point be so launch time from mission start can be calculated. The text boxes show that in the performance info. I have the DB editor but for some reason there was no text showing up in the boxes. Most likely I'm doing something wrong. I'm not clear as to the column labelled cruise factor as well. So if you can tell me how to get to the text that shows up in the large box on the in game database I think it would solve the problem.  Thanks again for all your help.


  4. Thanks Tony,

    I have 2 different databases. The HUD 3 game  1.3.21, and the HUD 3 ANW shows HUD 3 1.5.0.  There are other options, but these are the 2 I have been using. For what I want it for I don't know that there would be a major difference in aircraft or missile or speeds, and since I'm still rusty concerning the databases I don't know if i'm ready to do any updates yet. Either directions or the export will work. I do know that there was a comment in the text file about the editor not working with windows 10. I guess I'm just a bit hesitant with trying to use it.

    Thanks Again,


    So you have a better idea of what I need, its the item(plane, weapon), and the text info. I can pull it up one at a time or I could get the database info.  



  5. Hello All, 

    I am just getting back into Harpoon after a few years. I have the HUD3 and ANW versions and I am trying to put together a Time over Target spreadsheet. I have the very basics now for just a few planes and weapons but I would like to get the planes and weapons databases into a spreadsheet. I need speed info on the aircraft and weapons (harpoons, tomahawk, etc) to work the numbers. It looks like it will take some tweaking but so far I can get close. Way back I had edited the Ship DB adding the MSO, MCM, and MHC. But that was maybe 20 years ago. Can anybody give me a hand with this? Thanks in Advance!

    Bob Cashman

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