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  1. The war with Iran starts because the Iranians tried their kidnapping hijinks on land instead of on the water (note the British kidnapping and attempt on Australian troops)? Suicide boats ranging out into the blue water to attack and damage 3 ships in a carrier group? Iran has the majority of it's air, naval and land bases as well as much infrastructure destroyed by "overwhelming" American forces but still manages to take down a Carrier? Why would Iran be wasting missiles on Israel when they are fighting the US? Hezbollah already fire rockets at Israel. Israel already bombs parts of Lebanon and Syria. Snipers already attack US Forces in Iraq. None of those have yet caused a massive conflagration. Rioters in Baghdad because their best mates the Iranians are being attacked? Thousands of Shi'ites attack Saudi Arabian oilfields? Why? A couple of ship attacks by the Iranians cause the US economy to collapse and thus make the US government offer a cease fire, which is then rejected by the Iranians? Iran orchestrates the complete and utter breakdown of the Afghani, Bahrani, Lebanese and Pakistani governments turning them all into Islamic nations. China and Russia ignore the growing threat of Iran, Iraq, Afhghanistan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Jordan all joining together into an Islamic "Super Nation", or the possibility of Israeli nuclear weapons being used and decide not to force the Iranians to come to the table and negotiate a cease fire. Some suicide attacks in a number of cities causes "panic". The answer of course, is to use a anti-personnel nuclear weapon on a conventionally destroyed Iranian nuclear facility. Yet another Pakistani revolution causes the Indians to (presumably, because the "story" is not explicit on what the Indians use) nuke Pakistan nuclear facilities. This causes Pakistan to nuke New Delhi. Apparently this means World War 3 has started. You would think that unless Pakistan and India attack other countries, that they would limit their war to each other. At worst you could see Israel defending itself against this new Islamic superstate. The more likely option is the US heads into another era of Isolationism perhaps continuing to protect staunch allies like the UK, Japan and Australia. I've read some "what ifs" in my time, but this is bad.
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    Fourth edit. New post to show people who may have already seen the originals that there is new posts.
  3. Do you not life Australia or something? Nearly every screenshot you show has Aussie ships being blown apart.
  4. First Post 1. Long Range ASW patrols to be improved, say by setting an area and the ASW plane flies around dropping bouys. It is slightly annoying to fly a plane out to a long contact by sosus or something like that, and have the still viable contact drop off, leaving you to either manually search with dropping sonobouys, or have to just route the plane around the area hoping to pick up a MAD contact. Perhaps add a new order, after you use it will have the plane automatically drop sono-bouys for the rest of the plotted course. 2. Add an "intercept" option for tankers, to intercept a friendly group and refuel. 3. Single ship/sub formations automatically centre over the single ship. Annoying to (for example), intercept a ship with a sub, and then find the sub is actually in the upper right quadrant/zone and is still miles away from the target. 4. More info how much much fuel a tanker has. Second edit 5. Formation Editor - Add an option to "hide" ships from the selection boxes. Hell, make an option to filter it by ship, sub, plane, and then type, like ASW loadouts, ASuW loadouts, EW, AEW, Intercept/A2A loads etc. 6. Allow the Formation Editor box to be resized. Enable the user to select (maybe in the staff options) how fast ships repositioned in a formation move to their new position. 7. A function to "remember" how the windows are sized. 8. Ability to change the boxes back to a default setting in a small resolution. I was unable to play my current copy of harpoon for months because I switched from 1600x1200 to a widescreen 1680x1050 and the patrol box among other things was hidden. I had to hack the registry to fix it. Third edit 9. Add a "Return To Base" or "Land At" option for "Sir, Air Group XXX does not have enough fuel to intercept enemy Group XXX" Staff Message Box. Edit the Fourth 10. Allow tankers set inside formations (ie as part of a Carrier Battle Group or Airbase, to refuel units which have not used any expendables during their air patrol (ie if you have 2 Tomcats setup as a CAP around your CVGB, if you have no threats the tanker will refuel them to allow them to remain on station for longer). 5th edit 11. Remove ALL CAPS from any mission briefing that still contains them. 6th edit 12. Add various "tags" or checkboxes or simply just saying that a unit has a specific piece of equipment/flag to the Platform display eg: Air - Has "VLOW Capabale" flag. Has MAD rig. Has Dipping Sonar. Sub/Ship - Has Towed Array This edit is right out 13. Intergrated 3rd party scenario support. I don't need no steeenking edit 14. Some sort of in-built scenario and database manager. The reason is that you can, at a glance, see if the planes you have selected will crash into the ground at VLOW or have a dipping sonar etc etc.
  5. Matrix also advertised for a manual editor. I found that somewhat ironic.
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