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  1. The "Speed" button is right underneath the "Windows" menu. Sometimes I accidentally click the menu instead of the button.
  2. Yeah, after my clumsy fingers slipped and clicked "cascade" for the umpteenth time, I am suggesting some kind of "lock" that means you cannot change the window settings when ticked/chosen. Thanks.
  3. Defect Name: Crash in Select Battleset/main menu. Build: Aug 12 2007 (Release) Repeatable: Y Operating System: XP DB used: N/A Scenario used: NA Long Description: I somewhat stupidly and accidentally (yes, everyone belive that ) changed the size of the "Region" menu button thing. It crashed the program. I did it again and it crashed a 2nd time. A weird, possibly not fixable defect, but a defect none-the-less. Sequence to reproduce: Open game. Move the size of "Region" so it no longer shows. Game might freeze. Expected behaviour: No crash? Observed behaviour: Crashes http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/dav...ieWAU/crash.jpg
  4. mack

    Mack's Wishlist

    Yes, that is how I am thinking. As for Refuelling it's simply abstracted. Any unit with a refuel store can refuel any other unit that can refuel. AFAIk the only way to know if a unit can refuel is if when you allocate a unit to a mission it tells you the plane is not enough range and cannot be refueling in-flight. The only way to know if a plane can VLOW is to test it by going at VLOW, or by checking in the database.
  5. mack

    Mack's Wishlist

    Okay. Say you have a single carrier. It has 4 KA6 with refuel loadout. It has 6 F-14D with an A2A loadout, range about 1550. You send up 2 Tomcats on an CAP. You send up one of the KA in a "TAP" (Tanker Air Patrol, 1600 range iirc). From my understanding the amount a single tanker can refuel is equal to their total range divided by the amount of planes they are refuelling. The 2 groups go around. Nothing requires an intercept or a missile shot (which is what I mean by "no threats"), so the Tomcats still have all their weapons. The game has a certain amount of fuel that a group will have to call over a tanker in the formation, say 50% left with no expendables used. Whichever group meets the 50% fuel and no expendables first gets refuelled. The more refuel planes you have, the more groups get refuel instead of landing. Normally, the Tomcats would head back to base, with another pair launching instead. With the refuelling option, the KA would head to the group with 50% fuel left (775) and no stores used, and give each plane an extra 800, which tops them up to 100%. The tanker then returns to base and it's replacement launched, meaning you save 4 planes on the carrier in case something attacks.
  6. mack

    Mack's Wishlist

    You get something out of it, I don't. I barely read them as I don't like reading giant walls of allcaps (the acronyms not annoying for me). Subsequently I don't know or care about the mission as much, and often don't play them.
  7. mack

    Mack's Wishlist

    Yes. In the context of anything. There is a reason that ALLCAPS has been frowned upon from practically the start of the internet age. I'd also suggest fully spelling out things which are abbreviated, example "airrcnsqn" and "onsta" to make it more readable. Unless there is some character constraint I'm missing. Compare: Z 042005ZAPR98 SSSSSSSSSSSSSS FROM: CINCCISBANNORFLT TO: COMSHIPSQN 31.22 (ZZS) COMSHIPSQN 33.65 (ZYS) COMSUBSQN 39.13 (ZXU) INFO: COMNAVBASE SEVEROMORSK COMAIRRCNSQN 323.28 (ZWb) BT SECRET// XJ332N SUBJ: COMMENCEMENT HOSTILITIES OPERATION FIREBRAND 1. AT 1230Z 4 APR US AMPHIB UNITS CONDUCTING OPS IN THE SVALBARD ISLANDS WERE ENGAGED BY UNITS OF AIRREG 311. THIS FOLLOWS A CONTINUED INCREASE OF CIS MILITARY ACTIVITY INCLUDING RAMMING OF US FF IN MED SEA AND POSITIONING OF SSBN UNITS. KREMLIN HAS ISSUED DEFCON 1 REPEAT DEFCON 1 ALERT STATUS. 2. SHIP SQUADRON 31.22, FLAG KALININ, IS ORDERED TO MAKE NORWEGIAN COAST AND ENGAGE REMAINING UNITS OF US AMPHIB GROUP. ESSENTIAL ALL HOSTILE AMPHIB UNITS ELIMINATED. ENSURE BCGN IN PORT SEVEROMORSK PRIOR 82 HOURS POST COMMENCEMENT OF OPERATION. 3. SHIP SQUADRON 33.65 ORDERED U/W SEVEROMORSK POST-HASTE. INTERCEPT HOSTILE AMPHIB GROUP ASSUMED MAKING SOUTH FOR SAFE NATO PORT. 4. SUBSQN 39.13 TO OPPOSE TRANSIT HOSTILE UNITS. REMAIN ONSTA. 5. AIRRCNSQN 323.2 TO PROVIDE RECON FOR LOCATION HOSTILE UNITS NORWEGIAN SEA. 6. CURRENT ENEMY FORCE INTEL ESTIMATES: NATO TG STANAVFORLANT CONDUCTING OPS IN NORWEGIAN SEA, MINIMAL AIRCRAFT ACTIVITY. 7. BEST ESTIMATE HOSTILE INTENTIONS ARE TO ENSURE AMPHIB UNITS ESCAPE ARCTIC. ESSENTIAL INITIAL ACTIVITIES CIS BANNER NORFLT SUCCESSFUL. 8. SPECIAL WEAPON RELEASE NOT EXPECTED. INTEND WESTERN NATIONS UNDERSTAND CIS HAS NO INTENTION USING HIGH YIELD WEAPONS OR OF INVOLVING NON-US FORCES UNLESS THOSE FORCES ARE IN COMPANY WITH US UNITS. 9. ROE WARNING LEVEL RED, WEAPONS FREE -- ENGAGE ALL HOSTILES ENCOUNTERED. PROTECT BCGN AT ALL COSTS. DWNGRD/DECL/OADR// BT Z 042005ZAPR98 SSSSSSSSSSSSSS To: From: CIC CIS Banner Northern Fleet To: Commander Ship Squadron 31.22 (zzs) Commander Ship Squadron 33.65 (zys) Commander Sub Squadron 39.13 (zxu) Info: Commander Naval Base Severomorsk Commander Air Recon Squadron 323.28 (zwb) Secret // xj332n SUBJ: Commencement Hostilities Operation Firebrand. 1. At 1230z US Amphibious units conducting operations in the Svalbard Islands were engaged by units of Air Regiment 311. This follows a continued increase of CIS military activity including ramming of US FFG in Mediterranean Sea and positioning of SSBN units. Kremlin has issued DEFCON 1 repeat DEFCON 1 alert status. 2. Ship Squadron 31.22, Flag Kalinin, is ordered to make Norwegian coast and engage remaining units of US Amphibious group. Essential all hostile Amphibious units eliminated. Ensure BCGN in port Severomorsk prior 82 hours post commencement of operation. 3. Ship Squadron 33.65 ordered underway Severomorsk post-haste. Intercept hostile Amphibious group assumed making South for safe NATO port. 4. Submarine Squadron 39.13 to oppose transit hostile units. Remain on-station. 5. Air Recon Squadron 323.2 to provide recon for location hostile units Norwegian sea. 6. Current enemy force Intel estimates: NATO Task Group Standing Naval Forces Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT) conducting ops in Norwegian sea, minimal aircraft activity. 7. Best estimate hostile intentions are to ensure Amphibious units escape the Arctic Circle. Essential initial activities CIS Banner Northern Fleet successful. 8. Special weapon release not expected. Intend Western nations understand CIS has no intention using high yield weapons or of involving non-US forces unless those forces are in company with US units. 9. ROE warning level red, weapons free -- Engage all hostiles encountered. Protect BCGN at all costs. dwngrd/decl/oadr// bt z 042005zapr98 ssssssssssssss In-game it's even worse, as you only get huge walls of text. For example the first "point" takes up a block of 4 lines within the in-game briefing.
  8. mack


    From my understanding, active jamming is not to "protect" a group but to weaken the enemies systems. I've always used them on their own (maybe with a tanker as usually their range is limited) to degrade the performance of planes moving towards my groups.
  9. mack


    Why are you putting prowlers into SAM range? They really should be used the loadout with the most fuel and jammers (ie no weapons) and in stand-off mode. If there is a SAM site that has enough range to hit a prowler loitering at stand-off jamming range, then generally you would need to use strikers at very low using long range ARM's to kill it.
  10. I get this randomly. I've had F-22's, F-15's, Raptors, C-130's, P-3's all end up on the flight deck of carriers at one stage or another.
  11. Sorry, I meant previously, when they closed in with no weapons. Good work that this is fixed. Will make certain scenarios much tougher.
  12. I still don't understand how a flight of (for example) backfires would be able to attack at all once they expend their missiles?
  13. Great. Funnily enough, the green group moved into gun range and sunk about 3 ships later on in the scenario, and heavily damaged the 2 carriers. The red fleet just stood there and took it. Made my job alot easier.
  14. Just playing a user scenario, and saw a flanker being shot down by a green pakistani ship. I saved it, and then the 2nd plane gets shot down as well. The game tells me I've shot down the plane. It seems logical enough that green has shot down the red plane, but my question is this supposed to happen? And would the green ships attack my planes? Should I sink green ships that threaten my forces? I remember one scenario which has a green ship which looks like a merchant cargo ship, but has a nuclear weapon in it's loadout. pakiflanker.zip
  15. I much prefer a bit of fiddling about with a waypoint, as I would only ever use one waypoint when in "close attack" mode in the high zoom, usually took a few tries to get the right direction. I found a work around was to simply click the end waypoint much further than you want, because the further away the click was, the more accurate the direction would be. This is, to me better than what I have to do now which is put the unit square over the group window, and then guess where I should put the waypoints to avoid certain defences or to be in range of certain units. Once I had the right direction, I used 1:1 time until weapon release, allocated weapons and then deleted the waypoint and turned the planes around or moved them to the next target. This was basically essential for me when doing very short range bomb missions, especially against ships or bases with active short range sam or AA defense, as I needed to overfly them accurately, often on afterburner and attack without needing to re-attack and expose the planes to more fire than necessary. The zoom was also useful in making sure I launched aerial torpedoes within close proximity to a contact, instead of relying on the AI to attack which often lead to a launch from near maximum range. I guess I see it as a pointless removal for the sake of a coders idea of "neatness". If neatness means I can't actually interact with my units whilst being able to see exactly where each actual single ship, plane or submarine is AND to be able to order my own subs/ships/planes directly onto where I want it, I don't want neatness. I guess I'm hoping enough people request it that it gets put back in as a hidden toggle or something. Push a ctrl-key and the unit view zooms in with full ordering control. If people don't want to use it, they never have to. It's not a zero sum game to me at least.
  16. If you want to attack a capital ship, just keep moving the attackers towards the group, and then once you are in range, manually allocate your weapons onto the main target. It was much easier in the older days, when you could zoom into the group window till it showed a "unit" type display, but where you could still order your planes around. No you have to do it on the main group window, and guess if you are flying around AA batteries or if you are getting in between the gap between 2 AA escorts. Much more fiddly, and much more likely to cause losses. It's easily my least favourite "feature" and the reasons given for it's removal are daft in this day and age of multi-core processors. I used to be able to make pin-point attacks even with short range LGB's simply because I was able to move planes in the "true" location in the zoomed in group/unit window, and able to avoid ships and weapon systems that were a threat. Now I have to guess if I'm moving between defences and hope I've not strayed into a SAM envelope.
  17. mack

    CV32's Wish List

    I think I push ctrl-A or ctrl-D and hold it down.
  18. Defect Name: Suicidal ASW Attacks Build: Basic HCE installation. Repeatable: Y Operating System: XP DB used: Not Sure (Westpac from HCE install?) Scenario used: Backyard Long Description: AI sends May ASW aircraft to attack the carrier group. Sequence to reproduce: 1. Load Savegame. 2. Watch as May ASW planes try to attack the carrier formation. Expected behaviour: Not sending ASW planes with very short range weapons to attack a fully stocked carrier group. Observed behaviour: The May ASW planes try to attack the group (no subs in the group either). My guess is the "Sea" rating on the ASW-LR loadout's weapon "USET-95" (range 7.0) is causing the AI to decide to attack the carrier group with them. It would probably take 150 of them attacking like a WW2 torpedo bomber formation before they got a shot off. suicidalmay.zip
  19. Actually, I think it's more making a new unit than making a blank unit (as the units are moving from the old unit to the new unit). I could have sworn I've done this (moving all of a group to the other side) before and not had a crash. The reason it was being done is there is a problem with refueling that I believe has a work-around of splitting the unit into a new one. fake edit: I just reloaded the save, and chose group BIA (again, 1 Prowler and 1 Intruder Refuel). That group will split both planes into a new unit with no problem, but then if I move across to group BKA and do it to that group, the game crashes. So it seems that there is something about this group causing the crash.
  20. Defect Name: Crash After Splitting Build: Basic HCE installation. Repeatable: Y Operating System: XP DB used: Not Sure (Westpac from HCE install?) Scenario used: Saved game: Game crashes after splitting group. Long Description: After splitting a group (to hopefully enable it to refuel) the game crashes. Sequence to reproduce: 1. Load Savegame. 2. Choose group BKA (EA-6B Prowler and KA-6D Intruder Refuel, at top of window, slightly to the right above the carrier group.) 3. Ctrl-8 to split the group. Move both to the right side. Continue. 4. Game Crashes. Expected behaviour: Game asks for a new course. Observed behaviour: Game crashes. crash.zip
  21. From the next scenario in that group (as it's a "story" type thing): I played that mission you were talking about, annihilated everything in the area with Walleye's, EXCEPT the the Suffren, which I think I hit with a stray HARM, at which I was thinking, wow, they were unlucky.
  22. could be out today according to mr erik.
  23. I'm interested in clarifying what "Definition" means.
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