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  1. I'm going to ask for a perhaps more practical idea, but could the game engine be modified so that: 1) A plane/helo attacking a yellow/uncertain contact will drop his sonobouys at the edge of that field, rather than as a "cross" inside that uncertainty diamond, and once that field is established, then start dropping buoys inside. 2) Plane ASW formations with more than 1 aircraft would sent the 2nd aircraft to the "end" of the diamond so they could cover the whole diamond earlier, for example Plane 1 drops on the 1st and 2nd sides, Plane 2 drops on the 3rd and 4th sides, then they work on the middle. As it stands any ac that join a search will cover the exact same ground as the first have. 3) The ability to drop torpedoes without having a target, that would work on a snake or circle search pattern. Many patrol craft carry 6+ torps, and I wouldn't mind wasting one for the chance to aquire a target that might have to rev to flank speed and give away it's position to my patrol.
  2. I'm wondering if it's possible to get some kind of "lock" for the windows, as I'm functionally an idiot, I keep managing to press the "cascade" button and ruin my window sizes and whatnot. Could we get a "custom" remembering feature or a lock so you can't change it?
  3. There is a pretty good account of this battle in one of the Aubrey/Maturin books. I can understand Linois though, he faced the prospect of being surrounded and heavily outnumbered, like they said, those ships aren't like the merchant ships of today, they packed a punch, even if they didn't compare to a 74 gun SOL.
  4. I don't know too much about shipbuilding, but it seems incredibly wasteful to go through the entire rigmarole of designing and building a new class, then stopping it after 3 ships. Then again, this is the navy that built Seawolf, stopped because it was too expensive, then built a less capable, but more expensive replacement.
  5. Hah, that's the one where the team come back from like 40 points down to get in front in the last seconds, only to concede a TD from the return and lose?
  6. Are there any actual Australian units in this? Or are they abstracted by Canadian units?
  7. The closest thing I've come to this is trying to intercept Mig-25 Recon flying at the highest altitude band. Sometimes you just can't hit the damn things.
  8. The LCS runs on Windows 7 doesn't it?
  9. Reminds me of Operation Flashpoint. Trudge up a hill for 2 hours to reach your target, 3 minutes into the battle you cop a stray bullet and die.
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    Ok, thanks for the explanation.
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    Can I ask why? It's the site where you buy the game from, wouldn't it make sense for the demo to be available to download from there as well? It just seems odd to me.
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    Shouldn't the demo be linked/downloadable from this site? http://www.matrixgames.com/products/325/do...r%27s%20Edition
  13. I found when the group isn't split, if you use the OHP's from the unit window, you will still have missiles target the Carrier anyway.
  14. There are 2 ways to defeat that early attack. 1) Split off one of the OHP frigates, into their own group and have them illuminate their radar. That usually brings down the missiles, without having them aimed at the Carrier. Don't light up the radars to shoot at the missiles. You will probably lose the frigate, but you might get lucky, they aren't the best at hitting their targets I find. The only real other risk to this is that it will lock onto the Churchill Arleigh Burke and sink it instead. 2) A far more gamey way, is to use the French sub, surface it, and light up it's radar. Wait 30 seconds, then dive.
  15. I tinkered with the scenario a little, giving the poor defenceless CV group some new ships, a UK Type 45, an Iowa BB, and a basic VLS Tico, and a very useful CVN Decoy, as well as putting in another 10 hornets. Makes the scenario a little easier. Although if the decoy gets sunk it counts as a "total defeat" Oh, and an Ohio SSGN conversion. I launched all 105 missiles at a single SA-21 (using the ctrl-alt-s chea) and only 12 got through. Something I found very strange with the cheat on, was that dozens of the Red air groups fly off north up over Italy for some reason, all in formation.
  16. sub needs to be moved out. keeps running aground.
  17. This mission is insane. It's the first time I've ever had to disable surface and air radar rings because there is too much clutter without it. Enemy achieved minimum victory in less than an hour.
  18. I played through this a few days ago. First thing was setting up the air defence network, positioning assets to protect my 2 surface groups, and defending from the inevitable soviet air raids. I wasn't expecting there to be a soviet group near stornoway, with one of the soviet recon planes leaking through to detect my group, they loosed off a missile strike. We managed to take down all the missiles, and the soviet recon plane, and start striking the group with air to surface attacks. I was able to slowly pummel that Soviet group to rubble, after the first strike from the buccaneers took out half the group, the nimrods finished off all but a frigate. One of my subs shot it's harpoons, sunk the last ship, but was then sunk by an undetected torpedo, perhaps another sub was in the area. With that group out of the way, we concentrated on the soviet carrier group. I hit them with an anti-radar attack, losing 2 planes in the process. I also pushed planes into the top right corner of the map, to interdict any bomber streams. I got lucky, as we took out the screening flankers and fulcrums, then pushed forward again and detected at least 3 groups of bombers, all of whom ended up at the bottom of the ocean, one single fighter became an ace in a single battle, I'd split him from his wingman to cover more ground, he happened upon a group of bears (badgers maybe), shot down 3 of them with his missiles, then another 2/3 with the gun. It was a turkey shoot. They didn't get into range of either of my groups, although there was one group which had a couple of Bear D's in it that was very close to illuminating my surface group. The end for the soviet carrier group came pretty quickly, I massed a large strike group, nimrods, orions and the buccaneers, and they proceeded to level the centre of the group, leaving only the outer ships, an Udaloy, 2 Sovrenmenny and a Krivak, and I recieved Tovic at about 4:20:00:00 Status: Blue: Subs - 1 Destroyed Aircraft - 2 Destroyed Red Carriers - 1 Destroyed Ships - 18 Destroyed, 1 Damaged Aircraft - 154 Destroyed Helos - 19 Destroyed
  19. Someone will need to fix this mission. The US Carrier group starts at Rome, but when you detach them, they run aground.
  20. mack

    Mack's Wishlist

    Wish 15. The ability to do an "intercept" on a plane group which is only showing up in the UNIT window.
  21. Hmmn. I played through it, and totally wiped out the entire Nato force, and their bases (first the uk bases, then keflavik, then the nato CVH group), and only lost 10 aircraft, most of which were migs sacrificed to get a bomber wing away safely. The Minsk group barely moved towards Iceland, their missiles helped use up some of the Nato groups missiles, but that was it. They didn't come under any kind of attack at all. I guess I just got lucky. I reloaded the scenario, to do some testing, and immediately the Minsk group came under fire via torps, I lost 2 ships, and I also had one of my subs make contact on the nato group. Neither of those things happened in the first playthrough. I'm also about to be attacked by a nato Phantom group and some harpoons, which also didn't happen in the first place. If all that had happened in my first playthrough, it would have been much more interesting. I'm guessing I got lucky/unlucky (depending on how you look at it) with variable locations and nato not making proper contact.
  22. You did a bit better than I did. I lost the use of my most northern base when it got hit by a dozen or so tomahawks, after I'd used all my planes and missiles to destroy the incoming calcm and bomber attacks (and kill off all the rest of the tomahawks). I managed to lose a squadron of fighters in the opening engagement. But still, those standoff missiles are really great, you don't really have to worry about anything but being jumped by invisible fighters, I quickly learned as soon as you see them in range, you need to flee, because they have already fired missiles, you just can't see them yet. I didn't kill all the bases (I did perform some "suppressive" long range cruise missile attacks on some of their bases though), I've just got the tovic screen come up: Blue (me): Aircraft - 99. Bases - 1 Damaged. AD Mobile - 2. Red (US): Carriers - 1. Ships - 53. Subs - 1 (not the seawolf, but the SSN attached to the CVN) Aircraft - 743. Helos - 108. Bases - 5 destroyed, 1 Damaged. AD Mobile - 4. Armoured - 2. A very enjoyable scenario, the early attacks could easily swamp someone not prepared (like me). I might see how Red goes next.
  23. That Eurofighter one is like a bad parody of Red Alert. Especially the dude with the Cig at the SAM. That over the shoulder AA missile shot? They can do that now can they?
  24. Nice pics. I hope you eventually get to see the AWD and Canberra class in 10+ years when they eventually get built.
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