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  1. Mega bump, but since this post I've gone from that 24" monitor to a 30" monitor with a 2560x1600 resolution. Is the same response from above still applicable? Is there ever a likelyhood of changing? I've got a huge amount of grey screen not doing anything now. I can make it a smaller window and it's only really a issue with the view and not a critical thing though. Figured I might ask.
  2. http://www.smh.com.au/world/embarrassment-as-chinese-frigate-runs-aground-20120713-220r8.html
  3. That sounds like something that doesn't quite fit a war movie. Some kind of sci-fi movie.. aliens? or giant monster? Snowzilla
  4. Are you using any RSS exporting? You could setup a specific 'news' forum somewhere on the site, which would export an RSS feed based on that forum. I have a news forum on my site. I use http://twitterfeed.com/ to then cross-post the RSS feed for the news forum to my websites twitter and facebook (additionally I also promote it to a frontpage article but that's a seperate thing). Now as for how good those are at connecting me with other people. Facebook is a bit of a wash. Twitter is great, but I do have to maintain an active prescene to make the most out of it. It also helps that my site interest is not a niche area.
  5. Wow. Gave me a shock when I came here, I figured I clicked a different link or something. New and shiny. I use the same software on my own website (located at this link if you want to see what can be done with it). Made a good choice. The IPB suite is phenomenal, very powerful yet easy to use. If you bought the IP.Content part of the software package you can create a bug-tracker using Content's database system. This page has more detail (it's in the comments). I downloaded a free skin (scheme) for my site then edited parts of it manually. Wasn't too difficult. Did take a little time and effort. Anyone who actually knows coding will probably have a better time of it.
  6. Well, to be clear, these aren't APA simulations. They're videos of computer Harpoon products put up by AGSI (aka ComputerHarpoon). Our demo for USNI and HCE also appears here. My mistake.
  7. Some of their other simulations are up here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ComputerHarpoon
  8. Some very dodgy simulations run there by that Air Power Australia group. Remember when they were lobbying for the F-111's, they had one sim with the 111's with full AWACS and Tanker support and little opposition and of course the F-111's obliterated the target, and then ran it again with Hornets. This time with no tankers (so they cut the numbers in half because they needed buddy tanking), no AWACS, and put up swarms of modern Russian jets that the Indonesians would be lucky to get in the air. Of course they got massacred.
  9. Please no-one take that newspaper as any kind of reputable 'news' organisation or as any indicator for the intelligence level of Australia, despite it's name.
  10. mack

    Mack's Wishlist

    Got an odd one.. * The ability to start a scenario with all submarine forces split into singular units. I hate using subs in formations. They go off course, they change speed at random times. Some of the bigger USSR scenarios like the NACV ones have dozens of submarines, all of which have their own formations of 2 to 5 subs each.
  11. The RN's loss is the RAN's gain, replacing the Kanimbla (ex-Newport Class LST) with the Largs Bay at a good price that's only been in service for about 6 years. It should prevent the issues we had putting the Newport class ships (filled with rust) into service with the RAN. Hopefully they don't go nuts with the "modifications" the RAN seems to enjoy wasting millions of dollars on every time they buy a second hand ship.
  12. I just played the HCE (non-demo) version of this. Ike took a couple of hits amidship from a handful of leakers that made it through the AIM54's (really had enough to take them out, but the weapon allocations went a bit wonky and they got through) but kept on trucking at 55% with rudder damage and down to 16 knots, which was still enough to win the scenario. Nothing else got through, although it did blow out ready times by double. Once that was sorted and the sea swept by the E3's and E2's to make sure no other surface forces were out here, I put up a defensive front around Norway and gradually destroyed the majority of their aircraft, none of their bombers made it through although there was a close call down south where a dozen badgers could have fired off their missiles at British bases but I knocked them out in time before they did. Then it was all about keeping my anti-sub forces pointing the right way. Every so often we'd hit a sonobouy or mad contact and blew the resultant ships away. I also killed the unluckiest Kilo captain in the world. I was randomly checking on the lower bases, and click on a lynx in the unit window. I wanted to see if he had used the sonobouys. Nope. I pushed the manual drop button once. Instant detection on a Kilo. Torp dropped. Hit. Sunk. One in a million. Since the merchant group was already passed, the Kilo would've survived otherwise. Towards the end we got nuke release, so I hit three of the bases with TLAM-N. Won the scenario shortly after. Didn't lose a ship or a sub, only took the damage on Ike, lost about 20 or so planes. Took me about 5 real time hours to play. Then I switched to RED, swamped the carrier group with every plane I had, lost dozens and dozens, the bears, mainstays, etc, but got the formation and took it out with about 300 missiles of various types launched from all the bombers, the missile subs and the SAG. Took about 20 minutes real time.
  13. http://www.matrixgames.com/products/325/downloads/ The matrix page has the wrong url.
  14. I suppose you could throw the actual plane at the ship, that might do some damage.
  15. mack

    HOL Questions

    1, 3. What is the value of in-game versus third-party? I happen to prefer in-game as well but that does eat programming time. 2. I assume you mean this as well in a shared fashion (my overlay 1..n, shared overlay 1..n), each named. 4. I hadn't thought of this, good idea, and good idea to have a timer on it, can't spend all day planning and then never play (saw that happen at Origins!). 5. I like this too, again limited in duration. By the time you are through 4 and 5 it should be apparent who has the stable connections and who doesn't . 6. What is the justification here? To give the player a fair chance to rejoin without missing any action? 7. Amen to this one! imho it is a real pain in ANW MP to save the game, have everyone disconnect, meet back up in the lobby, have every join the saved session, then start playing again. 8. Saves are indeed key. Programmer time and patience will dictate how secure a mechanism is used (I lean towards the honor system). 9. Thankfully multiplayer in general forces a model the game was originally built upon, that of handling most everything through a queued Harpoon event system. So if you queued all of the events you had them in a format that could be replayed if they were saved instead of discarded as processed. There is the whole matter of creating the viewer or mechanism to make the GE replay the saved events but overall this is easier than it would be in other games. Thanks Mack! 1 + 3 - Ingame Chat/VOIP helps streamline game start as well as ensures interoperability between players out of the box. If you don't have to each find a compatible IM program and/or setup a VOIP system such as ventrillo or teamspeak, it can make games easier to start, and reduce setup time. 2. Yeah, you'd have almost like a little paint box you could use to paint into the battlefield, a square, circle, line, free draw, text box and an eraser. Maybe each player has a specific colour they could pick. 6. Yes, to give them a chance to rejoin, as well as allow the remaining places to decide how to proceed as they will now have to deal with whatever units the dropped out player was using. Thank you.
  16. mack

    HOL Questions

    Whilst I can provide nothing about the actual HOL itself, I might ask a few questions about potential features that MP (and especially more than 1 v 1 MP) might prove useful, my competitive Multi-player experience is more based around various FPS games rather than hardcore milsims (things like Operation Flashpoint at the realistic end and things like Battlefield at the less realistic end) but still, some points that might be worth bringing up (obviously for the future when MP is more developed): * In-game chat for each team. * The ability to overlay drawings and text on the map. * An in-game VOIP system. * A pre-planning phase to discuss tactics and if required to split up the groups by which player controls them. * A pre-launch phase to setup formations and patrols. * A forced locked pause for x seconds in the event of a player drop-out, especially if player specific group controls are used. * The ability to allow a player to re-join a match in progress if there is a dropout. * The ability to save an in-progress game in a locked/encrypted format if so desired by both parties. * Replays.
  17. Have something similar in my own work. If you press either enter button at the moment the a call comes through the call gets terminated. Quite annoying when every call is potentially a multi-thousand dollar sale.
  18. And just in front (behind in the photo) is an 8-cell VLS with 32 ESSM's.
  19. The Australian girls all liked "Patrol Boat", but I don't think it was anything to do with realism or good drama (although it was good drama) From memory it was a while ago, perhaps 1980's. I think they had an "A" class patrol boat and the first of those came across (from UK?) late 70's (or early 80's?). A scaled down version of the earlier popular series on the BBC (UK), perhaps "Warship" as mentioned. Personally I go for the comedy types and McHales Navy was a childhood favourite. I loved the one where the crew had a clothes washing scam going which ended in the base CO's dress uniform getting torpedoed Don There's a modern remake of the Patrol Boat show, called Sea Patrol. I watched the first couple of seasons, wasn't too bad. I can't make any claims as to it's accuracy. They started in an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fremantle_class_patrol_boat and then transferred to a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armidale_class_patrol_boat
  20. I'm waiting for the announcement of the USS Walter Mondale and it's new Joint Service Laundry Module.
  21. Ah yes. Very quick to play scenario that one. Lasted all of 5 minutes the first few times I played it.
  22. I don't get lost. I just explore in another direction.
  23. What represents Mountain Dew here? Fleet Command?
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