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  1. HCE - 2007.025 ============== - Chg:0000 GE Game could crash when splitting tanker from group if there is no group selected. Fixed so that landing for split is based off of tanker group, failing that, base it off group tanker was part of. Yes, I think this works. - Chg:0000 GE Game could crash when using Full button display on report window.Fixed it up to use Unit instead of Group where needed. Yes, it seems to work.
  2. HCE - 2007.031 ============== - Chg:0000 GE Stop the CPU usage from pegging, aka give some cycles back to the operating system. In English, please? - Chg:0000 GE More guns work. Player and AI now allocate the total number of bursts they want to fire, the GE handles spreading the fire over number of mounts, tubes, combined with ROF. Yes. Disabled Impact and Airburst radio buttons on attack type dialog since player choice has no effect on what type of damage is actually applied. Yes. Mount, ROF value is total bursts for that mount, no matter what the mounts = value is and no matter how many weapons are in a multimount. This seems true. Mount, Tubes and mounts= affects how many bursts can be fired at once, ROF permitting the mount can fire Tubes * Mounts bursts all at once. Huh?
  3. HCE - 2007.032 ============== - Chg:0000 SE If a ship/sub/... has no unit names available, tell the user that instead of throwing an assertion. (thanks Stalintc) OK - Chg:2367 GE Neutral submarines have no sink image when sunk. Hard to test; GE won't allow an attack on a positivly identified Neutral contact. - Chg:2000 GE Message Log wasn't clearing when loading a saved game. This was intentional but has now been changed anyway to clear the message log contents when a saved game is loaded. OK, was closed in Mantis. - Chg:0000 GE When launching aircraft to attack, allow attacking unknown groups as well as known enemy groups. (thanks Herman) Yes, it seems to work. - Chg:0000 GE When telling aircraft to attack, if the first unit in the group is already sinking/destroyed, it wasn't possible to attack the remaining units in the group. That is now fixed. (thanks Herman) Yes, it seems to work. - Chg:2377 GE Splitting all units from a group (to a new group) crashes the game. Fixed. (thanks Mack & Herman) Yes, it definitedly works. - Chg:2373 GE Game was ignoring user choice to continue contact prosecution if contact was sunk (i.e. submarine) (thanks Herman) It works in he sense that the aircraft just loiters where it was when the sub sinks. - Chg:0000 GE Distances reported in the status line when clicking in the Unit window on high zoom levels were wrong. (thanks MarkShot) Yes, this seems to work.
  4. HCE - 2007.033 ============== - Chg:0000 SE If you are drunk and do a really crazy sequence of keystrokes and mouse clicks, you can get the SE to show only water. For those episodes we've now brought back the land. (thanks Herman) tHIS scheems ta work, but meybe I'm justh too sober. - Chg:0000 SE Prevent user from opening up multiple add/edit variable start point location windows. (thanks Herman) This seems to work, too.
  5. I was playing a user scenario from GIUK EC2003. In the saved game "NOGO", Blue airgroup BQA is attacking Red subgroup ZXV north of Iceland. BQA will release its final torpedo on target. The Staff Assistant will announce that BQA is out of torpedoes; return to base Y/N? Select "Yes" and the group will loiter; select "No" and the group will leave. This happened on both the Vista and XP machines. NOGO.zip
  6. Yes. I discovered that this morning. I guess I though Instant Action meant Immediate Action.
  7. The 2064 and 1883 fixes seem to work. The GE Instant Action select doesn't seem to work.
  8. I was testing some of the SE fixes in .033 when I noticed something odd in the title line. I selected the EC2003 GIUK battleset for my test and I saw the title line read "Harpoon Commanders Edition HDSH 1.0". The proper suffix should br "M". The remaining battlesets also show a mismatch: Atlantic shows I instead of N, Med shows J instead of O, IOPG shows K instead of P, and WestPac shows L instead of Q. This doesn't affect the workings on the SE as scenarios can be loaded from and saved with the correct suffixes so it's really a somewhat trivial thing. Ah ha! I see that these are in fact the suffixes in the .res battleset files. I don't understand why this is but it works. Any way to erase posts?
  9. I was going through some files I had pulled off the defunct Harpoon Scenario Warehouse site and I rediscovered some really good scenarios that were part of a campaign called "The Bitterink Saga". They were written by someone with the tag "The Old Master". He left The Saga hanging with the promise of two more scenarios, but I've never been able to find them. I would like to know who he is so I can thank him for his great work and ask him where the missing scenarios are. For clues, The Saga was written(?) in May and June 1991, and his ID on the Harpoon Scenario Warehouse bulletin board was HSWBBS # 468 @7851.
  10. wombat1417


    The EC2000 Battlesets aren't supported in HCE. The only way to access them is with an earlier version of Harpoon, like HC Gold 2004. That version also had a utility that was supposed to be able to convert EC2000 scenarios to EC2003 standard, but I could never get it to work.
  11. Late report.... I replayed this scenario from the top trying to replicate the error, but had no luck. I guess it's just one of those things. However, the Export DLL folder is still appearing in the current working directory and not in the main HC directory.
  12. The .029 GE I downloaded at 5PM New York City time work properly on both my XP SP2 and Vista machines. However, the .029 SE has that empty group problem you mentioned. The attached save has an empty group followed by 2 normal groups and crashes both the Vista and XP machines. SE029TST.zip
  13. I was playing a user scenario "Fight over Faslane" with the original NACV database when it crashed with a GetMemAnnex Error. I haven't seen anything like this since testing Harpoon 2002 Gold. Anyhow, the enclosed .zip has the saved game, autosave.hp2, which fortunately saved exactly at the crash point. Load it and run it and it will immediately crash. The ge.log and MessageLog are there too, as well as the actual scenario. Something else odd happened. An empty file called "ExportDLLs" appeared out of nowhere into the folder. That's here too. Larry Gertner Fight_Over_Faslane.zip
  14. I tried to use Brad's new database HCDB-050510. Even with the new method, I can't get it to work. I downloaded the file, unzipped it and pasted it into my b06 folder. I got the message asking if I was sure I wanted to replace the old file with the new file, and I agreed. I know it's there because I have a listing for commondb.res, 675kb, modified 5/10/05 at 8:02 PM. I went to the Westpac scenarios adn tired to load the "Bring on the Payne" user scenario. I got about 2 dozen "Get Annex Error" messages. The program opened finally, both the Payne was nowhere to be found and many of the airbases were named Copenhagen. I did a platform display for all units. There are only 452 ships listed, which did not include the Payne nor any of the units listed in the new additions note. The same finding applied with the HC2003 battlesets, even when I went to the Battlesets screen and clicked the commondb.res file. There is a folder named commondatabase.bak which has a commondatabase.res file of only 488kb. Could it be that the program is locked into reading this file instead of the new one? Any help would be appreciated. Larry Gertner
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