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  1. I just reinstalled HCE after my computer blew up. It works fine, but the .096 beta updates crash the program.


    I have Ultimate Harpoon saved on a backup drive, but the installer will not recognize my serial number. Any way around this?

  2. Currently tackling The Guns of August, by Barbara Tuchman. Was on the 'bucket' list for awhile now.


    Read this one about six years ago - I highly recommend it. I've mentioned this before, but Macmillian and Kennedy read this just before the Cuban Missile Crisis kicked off.



    Had to read her "The Zimmerman Telegram" in high school, finally got to this one late last year. Massive in detail, definitely NOT light reading: will require your fullest attention, but worth doing. The first chapter, with the crowned heads of Europe at King Edward VII's funeral, is alone worth the price of admission.

  3. When I had a problem with very slow downloads, I eventually found out that I was accidentally running competing firewalls from McAfee AND Windows Defender AND yet a free recommended third party. Once I reduced it to McAfee only, no more problems.

    I prefer the boxed game too. I like having a printed manual I can add to the others in the collection.

  4. File Name: Bring Me The Base Of Diego Garcia

    File Submitter: wombat1417

    File Submitted: 15 Jan 2012

    File Category: IOPG

    DB Used: N/A

    Authors: LAM

    Battleset-IOPG: .sc4 - Orig - Original


    From 1991.

    As an exercise in Soviet carrier airpower, eliminate said base and a USN CVBG.

    NOTE: Using the latest HC2011.013GE will eventually trigger an "AI Stopped Sub" error message that will later stop the game cold. However, It worked fine when I backtracked to the 2009.064 GE.


    Click here to download this file

  5. Back in the day of Harpoon Classic, I learned the game by playing the Original GIUK scenario "Gauntlet" because the printed guidebook (!) took you through it step by step. There's good, basic practice in aerial surveilance, air-to-surface and surface-to-surface combat, possibly some anti-submarine warface, and very rarely, surface-to-air engagement.

  6. Okay, but only because you asked....


    This is Misty, our latest Basset Hound rescue. She was supposed to be a foster dog, but that lasted about 10 minutes.


    My avatar is her predecessor, my beautiful Ladybug, whom I still mourn.


    Kitt, our first, who had a good, long life.

  7. "Mr. Roberts" lasted a single season on NBC(?). Roger Smith (Anne-Margaret's husband) played Roberts, and the crusty Francis X. Slattery was the Captain. It was a pretty typical, pedestrian 60's service comedy.

    I used to like "Navy Log" in syndication as a kid. Based on true stories, they once did a version of PT-109 before JFK was JFK. I particularty remember the opening sequence with a carrier's crew running onto the flight deck to spell out "NAVY LOG", with a really good theme song that I can still hum.

  8. I think it's easier to launch a patrol to the area you want and input your own search pattern. That way, you will be told when the aircraft has no movement orders when the pattern runs out of legs, and you'll get the Bingo fuel-RTB warning from the ASA.


    That doesn't drop sonobuoys automatically, unfortunately ... :(


    I can usually find the time to pop them out with "."

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