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  1. Hello I pulled out my old harpoon97 disk a few days ago. I have the new game "Command" and I would like to use the story line from Interactive Magic's Harpoon Classic 97 I have the following for credit for the scenarios. This scenario was created by the following: Harpoon Rules by Larry Bond Published by the Game Designers Workshop Harpoon Classic Scenario Editor for Windows verions 1.55c copyright 11994 by Applied Computing Services Inc Portions copyright 1994 by Alliance Interactive Inc. Published by Alliance Interactive Software Inc Computer Harpoon design team. Larry Bond, Don Gilman, Leslie Hill, Becky McGuire, Mike Jones, Gordon Walton, Rob Brannon, Scott Kronce Version 1.3 Design and Development team Mike Steele, Bill Hause, Thom Robertson, Darrel Daring Windows Version Programmed by John Keene Windows Help by Jim Masterson Artwork by Dale and Jimmie Homburg of electric paintbrush and Rick Lenz I would like to get permission to recreate the Harpoon scenarios for Command and post them on Matrix games Command Forum. If I have missed anyone please let me know? Scott
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