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Played a lot of Harpoon back in the old days. Created a BASIC game assist program that kept track of ships, subs and aircraft in small scenarios. Unfortunately this has been lost with an old PC. I enjoyed being the scenario designer and Game Master for these double blind contests. I own High Tide, the H4 rules and Persian Incusian.


I just got FG & DN and look forward to giving this ago. I am also looking forward to Bywater's War for which I will need to purchase the Command at Sea rules.


I own most of the Great War at Sea series and a few of the Second World War at Sea items.


I am most interested in the interwar period (Fleet Problems era) and the 1980's.


My dad served aboard the USS Sterrett, DD-407 in WW2. The ship survived a kamikaze attack on Easter Sunday, 1945.

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