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  1. Looking at the Group ID Export dll there are only 152 groups at this point in the game. I am unable to turn over any of the red bases. I have included the latest edition of my db Turncoat 152 Groups.zip
  2. Looking at my current game the Blue side goes from groups AAb to HEA with several gaps. The Red side goes from ZZb to YJs with several gaps in it. I can not convert a base at this time. What is the limit of group ID's available for Turncoat to use? I would expect that any available non used group ID would be available to be used. In some of my games I have seen Red group ID's mixed in with the Blue group ID's.The GE grabs any available group ID no matter what it is. In this case I destroyed base ZVa. In the units window of Turncoat the group ID is ZV000 Jianqiao. Could that be an invalid group ID? I used the last version of Turncoat to capture a base and it assigned group ID (Aa. Is it possible that Turncoat is trying to use a group ID that is being used for an existing air group or task group?
  3. (ZUa)When attempting to change destroyed air base (ZUa) to blue using Turncoat, receive "Side change failed, no group id available" message. Created a test scenario and was unable to duplicate the issue. Earlier in the game I converted a red base to blue base (DSa) using Turncoat. There was an update to Turncoat after base was converted to DSa due to a previous GE crash caused by Turncoat. It appears that the side in the Turncoat base resets it self back to the Red instead of the Blue side. I have restarted the GE several times and the issue persists. In my test scenario I was able to change the sides of a base to any option available with out a problem. Attached is my saved game. Update Test 1-25.zip
  4. Further testing reveals that in 2021.012 the issue does not occur.
  5. Ran test scenario and there was no crash. Issue resolved!
  6. After launching and setting AC to patrol at high altitude, when aircraft reaches patrol location speed goes to 0kts. Attached is a saved game just before the AC reaches it patrol location as well as the scenario created for the test. GE log has been included. If you need any additional info, please let me know. 0kts Loitering.zip
  7. In my db it is the air launched version of my Ballistic Missile killer. Max altitude is Too High (suborbital)
  8. I ran the scenario again this evening and it appears that the crash is being caused by the lazTurncoat.dll. I can kind of understand why it happened in this scenario. The destroyed AD units were part of the original base that was destroyed and then changed sides.
  9. Tony, looking at the whole path where I had the scenario saved the length probably is longer than 150 characters. My file path was: E:\HC Scenairos\Spratly Islands\Spratly Island #4 Files\Spartly Island 4 Part 1\Spartly Island 4 Part 1 Final Files Thanks,
  10. Interesting! I ran the scenario yesterday from before I launched the missiles that destroyed the base and turned it to blue using Turncoat and the crash occurred just after I destroyed one of the AD units. I am wondering if you need the saved game file just before the AD unit was destroyed. All crashes occurred after the AD unit was destroyed. I just ran the scenario again. The GE crashed just after the saved game started. If the GE doesn't crash the next game second then I don't know where to go from there. Update Test 1-9.hpq
  11. During game play shortly after missiles hitting AD units close to blue base Yelizovo, Russia GE crashed. Blue side destroyed Red base Yelizovo, Russia. Used Turncoat dll to turn base blue. Just after 25 seconds of play the GE crashed. This crash has occurred multiple times at the same time. I have included the last 3 seconds of play game time, GE Log and the latest edition of my db. Please let me know if any additional info is needed. GE2021.012 Crash.zip
  12. When Saving a Scenario that I was editing, the message below came up several times. Scenario seems to save Ok. When reopening it appears that all changes were saved. Selecting Retry seems to save the Scenario. The zip file consists of the latest edition of my db, the SE Log file and a copy of the scenario. If you need any additional info please let me know. Saved scenario with 2021.006 and save did not produce any messages and SE did not crash. Spartly Island 4 Part 1 Update 12.zip
  13. In 2021.006 with exactly the same DB as I used in 2021.009, there is no issue. The issue occurs even in a brand new blank scenario when I look at the platform display in the SE
  14. I tried to load my latest version of my scenario in 2021.006 and it wouldn't load. Due to the message I received, I'm guessing that it was due to the 2021.009 update. I went back and found a recently updated scenario and China did not come up as Side. I checked multiple versions of my db and don't think that my db was causing the issue.
  15. The only book I can ever remember was the Harpoon Battle Book. It was released in 1989. I have a copy of the book. It appears that there is one available on eBay.
  16. Went to add some Chinese planes to a base while updating one of my scenarios. I couldn't find any Chinese Ships, Planes or Bases. Finally stumbled on them in the SE. It appears that Chine has been changed to Side. I checked the PE and China is listed for all db entries I checked. I have included a copy of the PE and SE files in the download. I checked multiple versions of my PE, the issue seems to be consistently there. I have updated other scenarios lately and haven't noticed before. I am using 2021.009 version of HC. I haven't checked older versions yet. A screen shot is below for your viewing pleasure! Spratly Island #3-7.zip
  17. I have to agree with Tony and Byron. It was a great way to spend an evening.
  18. All the years I have been playing Harpoon, I have never noticed that happening. TonyD said he has never noticed it either. We chatted on IRC for a while after the meeting. Thanks for looking into this issue. I enjoyed the meeting last night. Looking forward to the next one!
  19. TonyD verified that it isn't an issue with my db and scenario. He sees it in other scenarios and db.
  20. Tony, Looked at the 2021.006 update the ships disappear in the Unit window, but the formation looks pretty good. I checked this on one my laptops. This also confirms that my monitor didn't cause the issue. TonyD is seeing the same thing on his PC. Eric
  21. Don, Open HCE using Run As Administrator not using the Launcher. After that you shouldn't get that error again when launching HCE with the Launcher. Let us know what happens. Eric
  22. Byron I created a test scenario with 3 Burks. Original Burk has a capacity of 1 Helo Flight II and IIA have capacity of 2 Helo's The test scenario is attached. Eric AB Helos.scq
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