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    Ready 5

    I only use formation patrols for ASW and AEW patrols. I form up my own groups for CAP and launch a replacement CAP when the fuel gets to 50%. As for varied redy times it will take some time to get used to after all the years of playing the way things are now. The varied times do make more sense depending on the size of the AC. Since carriers were built with the angled flight deck decks allowing take of and landings at the same time and have 4 catapults you could have a Ready5 sitting on the angled flight until you need it for landing. If a large strike is being launched it would be possible to launch 2 planes from a CV at the same time. One from the Bow and one from the angled.
  2. Thanks Tony for taking care of the #1 thing on my wish list!
  3. The answer to your guys question from last night is: Yes you can launch a refuel store from a tanker, You can add a range to the refuel store in the db, However since the db will not allow a speed input (box grayed out) the refuel store just drops. I have found this out the hard way. A couple of times I accidently left the speed of a missile at 0 and couldn't figure out why it launched but then disappeared. The good news is that it didn't blow up my base.
  4. This is how I perceive things work: Assuming that the planes are on the human side. Part 1 1. A missile contact is acquired by AWACS or by other means. 2. Aircraft launches air-to-air missiles at incoming missile group. 3. A percentage of missiles are shot down. 4. Another set of air-to-air missiles are launched at the incoming missiles. 5. On the way to the incoming missiles contact is lost and the missile group turns into a yellow triangle. 6. After launch the air-to-air missiles track towards the incoming missiles base on the info from the radar that was detecting the missiles. 7. At the appropriate time the missiles do active and either find the correct contact or the nearest contact no matter what it is and attacks it causing your own planes to be shot down. My question is does the AI for the side launching the planes have the ability to work in this matter. Part 2 1. Air-to-air missiles are launched at incoming missiles that are in a yellow triangle, 2. Air-to-air missile goes into terminal guidance at the calculated point and attacks the first detected contact no mater what it is. Does the AI have the ability to take the original course and speed of the incoming missiles and calculate at what point the air-to-air missiles should go into terminal guidance and shoot down the missiles. Does the AI have the ability to know where all planes and ships are for the human side and not attack the human side shooting down its own planes or hitting it's own ships. Something else I have seen: 1. I have an identified contact both in the Group and Unit windows. 2. When I go to launch a missile at a specific target in a group or base (example: YS008 and AD unit) it is comes up as a bearing only contact. I don't understand how this can occur. How does the AI process this info?
  5. David, I tend to not use the Auto Formation Air Patrols. There are 2 ways you can set air patrols. 1. You can set air patrols up in the Formation Editor when you start your scenario. I tend to do ASW patrols there. 2. Launching planes and setting the patrol points manually. This is my preference. I try to get my F-14's out 300 to 400 miles from my Carriers. I use them as CAP (Combat Air Patrol) until I shoot down a bunch of enemy planes and then go on the offensive. I use my F-18's as a backup to the F-14's but keep them closer to the carrier group for shooting down missiles. If you can provide the name of the scenario you were playing I can look ay it and give you some additional advice. Have a great day, Eric
  6. David, You can download utilities, scenarios, databases and battle sets at the link below: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/files/category/1-harpoon-classichchcehuce/ Please make sure that your HUCE has the latest update since the 2009.097 release on the Matrix web site. The latest updates can be found at: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/topic/2049-current-files/ Download both files and unzip them into your HUCE directory. Have a great day, Eric
  7. If you are using a release earlier than 2009.050 you will have to upgrade it to that first before you can install the updates on the webpage
  8. The latest build can be found at: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/topic/2049-current-files/ What is the current build you are using? Have fun, Eric
  9. I use British Nimrods and P-3's as a hunter killer group. I send the Nimrods out on a patrol and create a path for them to follow crisscrossing an area searching with their MAD detector. I place a P-3 in the middle of the area and after the Nimrod detects the contact I use the P-3 to kill the contact while the Nimrod keeps searching. I do the same thing with the S-3's and the P-3's. The S-3's and Nimrods are faster than the P-3's and can cover more ground. I can't remember if the Nimrod's are available to you in your scenario. Diesel subs work too in the gaps. Place them in an area and set their speed to 0kts. They make a good listening post on batteries. Don't give away their position unless detected. The Scenario Editor is always fun to play with.
  10. My Harpoon Wish List: 1. A new Scenario Editor that works with Windows 7, 64 bit and 8 now since Windows 8 doesn’t have a XP virtual mode.[/size] 2. Under-way Replenishment/ Vertical replenishment.[/size] 3. A way to merge different Harpoon Data bases into 1 large db.[/size] 4. Submarines that really sink when sunk.[/size] 5. A way to capture and use an airbase or port.[/size] 6. Increase the amount for air groups flying 26X26 is just not enough for me. [/size] 7. More consistent launch of aircraft from the AI. Air patrols just quit taking off after a while form an enemies airbase.[/size] New Addition 7/2/15[/size] 8. When manually dropping Sonar Buoy's if the load out has both Active and Passive buoy's have a window pop up asking weather you would like to drop and Active buoy (A) or Passive Buoy (P). It seems that you have no idea when you drop a buoy using (.) in the unit window what type you are launching.[/size] New Addition 3/15/16 9. AI select's all ammo from one mount/ship and then goes to the next mount and ship with out regards to the ROF of the mount. AI selects way too much gun ammo to destroy target. Missiles are the same way. Sometimes I have to "0" out all ammo and start from scratch. The AI even selects ammo that will not damage or shoot down a target. A box to select auto ammo or manual select ammo. New Addition 6/2/16 10. Current magazine count to limited to 13,108 magazines causing db to crash when imported. If possible could the magazine count be increase. 8/19/20 11. A count of the amount of ammo left in magazines at the completion of a Scenario.
  11. I am rather new to this area of the game and I have just gotten interested in the future development of Harpoon, thanks to Tony. After playing Harpoon since the early 90’s I have developed my own set of tactics for each situation. I have played mostly the original series of Harpoon Scenario’s which I heavily edited before playing. My option in this matter is to turn tail and run and fight another round later without jettisoning my weapons. This works pretty good unless I get to aggressive with the Mig-31’s. When turning tail and running you need to know the range of weapons that was launched at you. You retreat to where you are out of the missiles range and then proceed. One other thing to consider is to use the correct weapons system on the correct target. You don’t want to get in a gun battle with a MIG-31 or Mig-25 with the 80 mile Mig-31 missile of the Mig-25’s 40 mile missile. The outcome would not be good. Another example I am going to use is the F-22 and the Mig-31. Every time I have tried to go after a Mig-31 group with an F-22 group the Mig-31 group always detects and fires before I get into range with my AMRAAM’s. I don’t know how the GE or the AI handles the probability of detection of a target. Harpoon is not a first person game as I call it when I describe it to people I know. You are not in the cockpit of the plane or air group in Harpoon. You are the overall commander of whatever side you are playing (Red, Blue). If there was some kind of air group overall increase in performance (speed/maneuverability) or by reducing the profile of your plane or air group (Smaller target) by jettisoning your weapons the it could be a feasible option. As a pilot I wouldn't want to dump all my weapons unless there is some speed increase or maneuvering improvements to your plane or air group. I don’t know if the AI or the GE calculates that into its decision making process. Right now I see no benefit to jettisoning my weapons and turning tail and returning to base. Not knowing how Harpoon thinks as I call it and without being of some benefit jettisoning your weapons is not an option I would use.
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