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  1. Best thing to do is to design and post scens with latest files available. Further versions should only be broadcasted to small number, and to be honest, I'm now working on what will be the release version. Then will come the time of future versions. FG
  2. No further version of HUD4 will be posted on the forum until 3.11 is out. Editor's choice.
  3. Yes it is "desired" effect of the game, when playing with Game Engine. If you want to have your missions set automatically, 2 ways: -In Game: plot all missions and save the scen (.sav extension), and play with saved games only -Scenario Editor: keeps memory of all missions, but at the loss of some important things such as links with subs. FG
  4. Armando, The "great leap forward" (Ave Mao) with H3 ANW comes from the launcher. Before it, it was hard to have several databases working together without mismatch problems. Launcher and its "Database manager" tab make it possible to have several db being installed, each in a folder, and associated scenarii in a subfolder. No more risk of mismatches between databases and scens. You can switch as you please. Recompilation is not necessary, since scens will work as long as you don't put an old version of a db with a new version of the scen. Please check not to change anything to the scens folder, due to major overhaul, there are less and less common points between HUD3 and HUD4, even if the latter derivates from the 1st, there are some changes making them different dbs with different scens to work with. FG
  5. Hi Armando, To use HUD4, please follow these steps: -create a subfolder called "HUD4" in the databases folder of Harpoon3ANW. -extract the zip file HUD4 to this subfolder -when launching Harpoon, in the launcher, click on the "Database Manager" tab and select "HUD4". -Press OK and launch Harpoon, there you go. Regards, FG
  6. Hi there, Mark, I could add very easily your weapons/troops tweaks since it was just a matter of copying/pasting data into 2 annexes :weapons and loadouts. It took just a bit time to integrate to other related files, but I knew how and what to do. Having other editors is a good idea, but not wished from me. Reason for it is simple: there are people around Harpoon with their own agenda, and files with data would be a nice catch for them. HUD3 was made against the Players' Database, and HUD4 follows the same rationale. Only a few persons should have the files, it limits the risk of falling into wrong hands. I'm sorry for that, but human nature makes some adults behave like children and other have to bear the consequence of the aforementionned immaturity. FG
  7. Just to give an example: between latest version of HUD3 and 1st beta of HUD4, the number of entries in the ships annex grew by 10%. Other annexes grew with lesser importance (around 5-8%). FG
  8. HolĂ  Enrique! HCF (Harpoon Compressed Files) files are zipped files generated by the in-game database editor with annexes for the database. The human database editor can then import files, making platform creation much faster. For example, there can be a "F14.hcf" file, with all elements (plane, sensors, propulsion, fuel, loadout annexes). FG
  9. I'll make things clear: I voluntered to go on with Darren's work to pay him a tribute. But it is on my free time, and this is getting increasingly smaller, due to professionnal obligations, and also personnal events that are occuring. It's a bit early to say, but be aware that from September, I'll spend all the weekends far from my HUD4 docs, and I guess there will be little time during the week' s days to cope with numerous additions to the HUD4. HCF files would be greatly accepted. FG
  10. Not yet, unexpected events kept me outside of Harpoon these days. Work plans are seriously delayed, I have no idea when I'll be able to release next version.
  11. Hi there, Basically needing engine information (rate of burn), bands of speed (low to re-heat), sensors, dimensions. In one word, everything needed to create such platform. FG
  12. Hi there, Mark, I'll try to think about adding text, but some of the "what if" platforms were created by me (I think about the Montcalm cruiser or the upcoming Dassault Rafale Batch 4), but other were created by Darren or Harold. I have no idea about any release date, since I have real-life events which request all my attention. Maybe next Tuesday, should be a day free, it will depend on timeI can dedicate to Harpoon.
  13. Editor's note: Mil Mi-28 and Mi-28B integrated to HUD4.
  14. Already asked and accepted... Please check before posting any request that this request has never been done before. Due to real life concerns, I had to pace down (if not stop) to add platforms. Days are pretty short. FG
  15. Missile added to HUD4. Will be placed in facilities. Gunny
  16. Hi Steven, no objection to have this one in HUD4. Just a matter of time. Gunny
  17. Hi Steven, This missile will be added in future HUD4 versions, no problem. Gunny
  18. Hi Ralf, I need more info on what's going on. Please feel free to send AALogs, they may tell about the issue. So far, I've found nothing suspect in the weapon, it's maybe sub-related (missing torpedo wire). Gunny
  19. No error at all... There is 2 solutions: -expandable weapon (missile/bomb) will be listed in "loadout" -non-expandable weapon (guns) will be listed as "mount"... it's what's happening with AC-130, guns are part of "mounts". FG
  20. Too uncertain for me... I doubt there will be PA-2 from 2020... FG
  21. Already asked... Please check before posting... FG
  22. Gunny


    Mines are already present in the HUD-4. At least one type, the Mk-60 CAPTOR. I'd be interested by feedbacks on it. As for your comments, in the HUD-4, I may use the IED weapon created by Darren instead of torpedos. Gunny
  23. Editor's note: Platform already in the database under the name "F 76 Jamaran"... Some stats tweaked though
  24. Editor's note: Missed this one, Thanks to Harold for sending the HCF file, 3 different variants integrated to HUD-4 v1.1
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