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  1. Just added it to HUD4 v1.11 (projected version of HUD4 immediately after 1.1 release). 2 PJ-10 BrahMos+2 AA-10+2 AA-11+ 2 AA-12. FG
  2. Here's a method to avoid such already in database platforms. Select the Editor from the Harpoon3 Launcher (Editor instead of H3 Single player). Then in the upper bar, click on "Database", then "Dump ID list". It generates a batch of notepads type files by platforms' family, sorted by alphabetical order. These files are located in the root Harpoon folder (C:Matrixgames/Harpoon Ultimate) if you have such install. FG
  3. Thanks for the input gemerson, I'll add a BrahMos loadout to the Su-30 in HUD4 as well. FG
  4. Platform already in database. Listed as T-AH 19 Mercy... FG
  5. Was already posted... tired enough not to have the courage to find the original topic to merge both. Fg
  6. Editor's note: Platform rejected since it is exactly similar to already existing platform in DB. HUD4 v1.11 entry modified from An-26 to An-24/26. FG
  7. Editor's note: Platform rejected, since it's exactly similar to the original Osa I design already present in the DB. Indian entry of the countries annex modified in HUD4 v1.11 as this class was missing. FG
  8. Yes, it was already posted. Merging the topic together. FG
  9. Mark, You're lucky, all platforms I've found in my documents. It's just a matter of converting data for me now. A quick check on already existing platforms shows that I'll need to create copies of it since there were no Harpoons in the 70es... As for the planned releases of HUD4 next iterations, I was thinking about it, a new version every month should be the right pace. Sometimes (because real life always gives unexpected events) it will be more or less time. vacations here are 8 weeks for pupils, 7 for teachers, and 5 for public servants who aren't teachers. It goes damn fast anyway, already having upcoming year in sight. FG
  10. Will be for later, for 2 reasons: -1) as I said earlier, HUD4 1.1 's development is stopped until Harpoon ANW 3.11 is out to help those who rebuild scens not to have to do this hasty process every 2 weeks -2) HUD4 v 1.11 is on the tracks, but from today until next week, I take a short break and I'll be away from computers. FG
  11. Noted and corrected in HUD4 v1.11. Thanks for reporting issue.
  12. Editor's note: platform integrated to HUD4 v1.11
  13. Platform added to HUD4 v1.11
  14. It would be a nice idea, but I oppose to it for 2 reasons: - Dale is already posting videos over Youtube - If there's a harpgamer channel, the other side will cry for plagiarism, and I don't wish to give them such an opportunity. As for the FB page, I think we should consider it. I created a poll to know if people would like to see a HUD4 group (there used to be a HUD3 group, but Darren was the only admin, and since he passed away, it's no more possible to access the HUD3 group). FG
  15. Just a quick word (a tweet? as a reference to another topic) to inform that I've started to integrate Mark's (to whom I send my thanks) text edits in HUD4 1.11 (expect this one AFTER 3.11 is released: reason many scens need to be adapted to HUD4, so I don't wish rebuilders being overwhelmed with new version every 2 weeks, but don't worry, 1.11 is being started). FG
  16. Gunny

    HUD4 status

    A quick message to get anyone informed: HUD4 v1.1 has been sent to AGSI for inclusion in 3.11 version of ANW. Major additions are the Su-7/17/20/22 families (and painstaking countries file to update) as well as Tu-95 family. Thanks to Craig P. for sending his files and sharing the Excel sheet he works on. Work on HUD4 1.11 has started, so far I've squashed a bug affecting Mu-90 Impact torpedo and fixed a handful platforms. FG
  17. Oh yes I see... No plagiarism was done since an F-16 will always look as an other F-16 in whatever DB it appears... Pathetic defence as usual. No one wonders why there were so many similar numbers for platform entries; there were examples of it posted to Matrix forums. And there starts intellectual property, should you accept it or no. If your "production" was so good as you boast it to be, no doubt it would be officially supported by AGSI. Ask yourself why it's not... Of course, it's easier and "more adult" to insult HUD4 and its editor via some social networks and video sharing websites (do you think it shows you're wise?). But when I see "your" list of bugs, and I compare it with the handful I submitted to the Mantis that were adressed, I can have questions on how important you folks are perceived. Maybe more maturity would help you to obtain better ear than now... It's time for you all to leave childhood and start to behave as adults... FG
  18. Vincenzo, not need to hide... People of DB2k brought the proof that PDB was a copy of DB2k. Intellectual property, you have ever happened to hear about it? It is internationnally-recognized concept, any person with knowledge in law could act. Your "ugh" forum, do you think it's helping? Not even a child would have such an idea, all of you should grow adults. Take Harpoon as it is, a game, nothing else. Enough stupidity was done in the past, and instead of bringing something positive to Harpoon, you bring other elements for a flamewar. HUD4 is maybe not perfect, but it can boast not to be a copy of others work; and when mistakes are seen, they're corrected, even if some of them are game-engine related (by the way, if something is recurrent, why you don't post over Mantis?). Maybe you also ignore Don's message, but your PDB isn't official DB for AGSI. HUD4 (alongside ANW) is official. FG
  19. Debate will be very short for me.... I have no time to loose in futile arguments on which DB is superior to an other one. Answer is obvious: Ragnar created DB2k, Herman copied it. Ragnar created SBR, Herman copied it. Dale made a Youtube channel for Harpoon, guys from Plagiarized DB created their own. Darren wanted to add nice pictures of platforms, guess what, there is the same idea in PDB folks... No original idea, just pale copies of other ideas. And the best: advertisement... even on third parties forums. Ask marineforum.net guys... I will not engage in any competition, since to the difference of PDB folks, I have a life and everybody should understand very clear that I work on Harpoon when there is free time, not an easy thing at my level of responsibility and current assignment. So Herman and Co can make all the noise they want, they just need to buy themselves a life. I don't need to advertise for myself, my work will speak for me, as it spoke for me in real life. I will not divert of my position to not to give access to other persons to the code of HUD4. It means much more work for me, but the risk to have the codes in wrong hands shouldn't occur. Sorry I prefer in-game Forgers than the PDB Forger polk. There's no competition with such people, not in sport ,not in Harpoon either. Just my opinion.
  20. One thing to know is that missile engagement is based on sensors. If sensors don't see a target, missile will not engage it. For example, if the Mav version is IR guided, and the taget is outside the IR enveloppe, then target isn't seen and engaged. As for the Jacinto bug, I don't think it's lack of refuelling options that causes the bug. Not all ships can be refuelled. FG
  21. Mark, Sorry, but Emilio Jacinto HAS diesel fuel. It can move. Please, do not refer to Herman, this person isn't allowed to speak in anybody's name, only his own name. When I see a person that used other people hardwork and researches to make his own database with no credits to the original authors, it makes me upset. HUD may be infested with errors, I'm trying to solve these errors, but as an adult, I won't tolerate somebody with what I consider to be a childish behavior (see the site ugh as an example of Herman's good faith) to allow himself to see straw in other's eyes when he has a whole mainstay. HUD is official DB. He maybe sees mistakes since he doesn't have the calculations sheets that I have. That's why I made clear that nobody would get the thing, even if it means harder work for me. I simply don't want to see hard work being plundered by no-life persons who got banned from different forums. FG
  22. HUD4 v1.1 final version is now in the hands of AGSI for inclusion in the 3.11 release. Work on HUD4 v1.11 to start from 5th of August. Planning to add several platforms. Stay tuned. FG
  23. Of course there will be new platforms (Pantsir S-1 SAM, Schiebel Camcopter S100,various ships), but also existing ones will be expanded (Tu-95, Su-7/17/20/22 families, Burke classes sub-units...), and countries file is also updated almost on a daily basis. As for 3.11 release date, I don't know. It will be when it will be. FG
  24. Participation to the UN missions is on the free will basis. There was supposed to be a "UN army" in the origins, but Cold War made this unrealistic. Except in the case of Gulf War II (1990-91), where the most powerful members were involved, most of the UN peacekeeping forces are made up with Indian subcontinent or Nigerian troops, since a force-sending country receives money for its involvement. FG
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