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  1. Mines are not operational at the moment, no improvement seen in 3.11, maybe in the future. As for now, only mine present in HUD4 is the Mk60 Captor, since it's not a real mine. FG
  2. Hi evaamo, your ideas are interesting. I need to explain some points however: -all original scens are being converted from HUD3 to HUD4, it's a big process that consumes a lot of time, since the author of DB changed. -Taitennek website will be updated when 3.11 comes out. Regards, FG
  3. Mark, More than 1 month (maybe 6 weeks ago), I was asked the HUD4 v1.1 files. I was asked it again 2 or 3 weeks ago, so I guess it's a matter of days. But AGSI has nothing to do with the delay, all files are into Matrix hands. FG PS: for a small preview of HUD4, let me tell you that many new Russian systems were added: Pantsir S1, S-400 Triumf, Igla-S (SA-24 Grinch) among others.
  4. Yeah, any news when HUD4 v1.11 will be released. It will be exactly in the wake of 3.11 release, a few days after... FG
  5. Mark, leave Mr Hum alone. Such a man is only able to copy others, he doesn't bring anything original. He's happy with his Poorly Designed Bulls..t? Great for him, let's keeping him building sand castles in his sandbox with his associated. FG
  6. I can answer this question. For I know exactly what he did. He boasted on a French forum he had uploaded HUD4 to the Reimer Editor. By the way, it is strictly forbidden without my written agreement, and never Mr Hum will get any document from me. But he ran into one of my traps. I've altered one of the Reimer Editors files to add a new flag, and I was made aware that anybody who doesn't know there's an extra data to it is unable to upload data from HUD4 without making the tweek as well. I won't expand on what's new, since I'd open a door that should be closed. But last thing I'd say, Mr Hum boasts his DB is the only one that works, the only thing he forgets to mention is that his DB is the only one generated from stolen data. FG
  7. Added to HUD4 v1.11 so as SSC-6 Stooge SSM batteries. FG
  8. Won't be added until mines are effectively handled in Harpoon. Captor was added since it is easy to overcome "mine issue" due to the "torpedo" being used as a "mine". FG
  9. My humble piece of advice: Let Herman Hum, Vincenzo Beretta and their followers play in their sandbox and act as children. They're no adults, they never will recognize they go the wrong way. By the way, on a French forum, Herman was posting over his Poorly Designed Bravosierra. He got expelled since the moderator remembered about the plagiarism of DB2k. These guys think loudspeaking over the web make them clever, they're just rabblerousers. They have less importance than they think. Anyway, always remember the Bible: there was a fire, an earthquake, a storm, but God wasn't in it. God spoke in a small breeze. FG
  10. I have no idea of when it will be. My guess is that it won't be before Tuesday, since Matrix will upgrade its servers. Anyway, HUD4 1.1 files (ex beta 10) are into Matrix hands as we speak. FG
  11. Finally, I may have found what the issue is: early ASROC variants have no "far surface Probability of Kill" opposite to later. Corrected for HUD4 v1.11. Since it's a real issue, 1.11 will be released IMMEDIATELY after 3.11. FG
  12. I think I have the issue... Need to BOL the weapon. IE, launch the weapon in the estimated bearing of the sub, and then it will activate its own sensors to pick the target. FG
  13. I've found what's going on. ASROC has flag "limited to mount arc" enabled. It means that if your mount has a firing arc left on the ship, it won't fire at a contact right of the ship. Most efficient trick is to fire from the expected mount arc. FG
  14. Gunny

    The Pledge

    Thanks for your kind words Brad, makes heart warm... FG PS: Mark, even though I keep focus on HUD4 maintaining, I've also started to write some scens. Not yet fully satisfied with the results, I'll post it over here in a near future
  15. An other platform added... The Anchar project, a nuke-powered Sovremenniy that was given up because of the costs and USSR collapse. FG
  16. Oh, forgot to tell that HUD4 1.11 is well underway, a whole bunch of platforms were added. Coming 2 weeks after 3.11 is released. FG
  17. No other answer than "it depends on Matrix good will". They've been updating/adding a bunch of games, but still nothing about 3.11. FG
  18. Gunny

    Funky Behavior

    Hi there, Missions made in the Scen Editor module will never show up in the Game Engine module. Same for Reference points, unless these are locked in the Scen Editor. FG
  19. Hi Mor Breizh, look at your message box, I send you something. FG
  20. Mor Breizh, you're French? I can assist you in DB editing for Harpoon3 if you need. 3.9.4 isn't the latest in the series, it's 3.10 (Harpoon Ultimate Advanced Naval Warfare), soon to be updated to 3.11. FG
  21. I don't see Egypt working with Iran. Egypt is Sunni country, when Iran is Shia.Furthermore, Egypt hosts Al Azar University, the most prominent university in Sunni world, kinda Harvard for religion.Right now, Egypt, even though it's ruled by Muslim Brotherhood, criticizes ongoing slaughters in Syria, the latter having a strong sponsor called Iran... FG
  22. Just can say "expect some good news soon"... FG
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