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  1. It has the "carrier capable" flag for both DB variants. Have you tried a similar sized helo? FG
  2. HUD4 mdb file is correct; this is no DB issue. FG
  3. Correcting the issue at once, will be enforced in 4 weeks with next HUD4 release. FG
  4. Looks like the updater refuses to work. I'll send files to Tony from now onwards to avoid such mishap. FG
  5. OK thanks for the report Troy. I'm posting files to Tony at once. FG
  6. Update posted. Files should be dated 27th of January. If no, please notify at once. FG
  7. OK Mark, this one I'm adding now since it won't delay any progress in HUD4 updating. Expect next version on Sunday, FG
  8. Gunny

    HUD4 status

    Breaking news: I'll publish a revised HUD4 v1.11 this weekend. Russell will do a hotfix for the BOL bug, and I'll submit a new version of HUD4 to go with this one. In detail, all subs are now converted to new standards, roughly 1/4 of ships are, some planes and sensors also. Please notify any update issue (files will be dated 27th of January) so I can then send it to Tony. FG
  9. Sanity check report: F-15I and F-16I miss a critical asset in HUD4 preventing them from firing AIM-120. Problem identified and solved, will be in the next HUD4 delivery (about 3 weeks to wait, but patience will be rewarded) FG
  10. In France;1st one just delivered, 2nd one will be soon armed (2nd half 2013), nice ships indeed. FG
  11. Mark, there will be no addition of platforms until a long period for a simple reason. Having started a process of conversion of the HUD4, to make platforms more compliant with Harpoon rules, and to use full potential of Reimer Editor. This is a long process, 1017 ships, 151 subs, around 800 aircrafts, more than 1700 weapons, and about 1300 sensors as well. So far, I've completed 21% of ships, 40% of subs, and a handful of aircrafts, daily affairs allows only around 15 subs and 10 ships/day. Of course, when subs will be finished, I expect it next Wednesday, I'll switch to aircraft annex which promises to be also a quick one to do. But as long as I'm converting platforms, to keep records on what I do, there will be no platform addition. FG
  12. This looks like GE issues, but instead of trumpeting it on other forums not read by Agsi folks, it should be reported to the Mantis. FG
  13. Then the issue comes from the updater... My zip file on the comp tells about 13th. File sent for confirmation. FG
  14. I posted Sunday a new zip file with files dated from Sunday 13th of January. I've just checked, error isn't coming from me. FG
  15. As you'll see in the latest files, I've changed the displacement's figure, but in the real DP calculation, it's Harpoon rules that are enforced. FG
  16. Newest version of HUD4 v1.11 published in the download section. FG
  17. The good piece of news of the day: update is done for all weapons, this annex is considered as finished. Only will remains ships, subs , sensors and aircrafts. FG
  18. Public release of ANW 3.11.1 can be downloaded from Matrix website or from the game engine updater. To celebrate this, HUD4 v1.11 update will be published this weekend. FG
  19. Next update should be available in about 2 weeks, fixes the ASROC and starts the HUD4 conversion to new standards (around 10% ships are now converted, and this figure should be around 15-20% for next release, All the Hornets and Prowler variants are also converted. FG
  20. Hi Mark, A schedule would be something good, but given my level of responsibility at work; since I may have to accomplish extra duties, and also due to real life events, scheduling things may not be ideal. As I write, I'm just back from my work. It's about 9:00PM, need to fill basic needs and prepare to an other tensed day, 2012 isn't really over for me, and 2013 already comes with a major rethinking on how should work people like me. So tonight will be without any upgrade to HUD4 new standards as it is the case other days. I prefer not to commit in any schedule, updates will be published when I feel there's a need to it. So far, I've published 2 updates in the wake of 3.11 public beta release, it's certainly not bad. FG
  21. I have the answer from Larry Bond. It's not a mistake, it's to make the auxilliaries not too strong in regard to their real might. Changes in HUD4 reverted to take this piece of information into account. FG
  22. Corrected in HUD4 and signalled to Larry Bond for correction in Harpoon Ships' annex. FG
  23. Ralf, I don't think 1 month between 2 versions can be called a long period. I'm about to release a corrected version 3.11 soon, I could do differently and let people wait until I've finished current conversion to better data, but right now, there are about 10% of the ships done, then will come subs, aircrafts and weapons. Even if I've increased my tempo, now holidays are over, and depending on the workload at the office, I may have fewer time for db editing. FG
  24. My preference goes to changing number when big changes occur: 1.1 when the mine flag was added, 1.11 when official release came with a lot of corrections were brought, then next big thing, 1.12 will be when I'll have the new HUD4 signatures' calculation enforced for every platform. FG .
  25. This will be part of the last 1.11 update. I don't know when I'll send it. FG
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