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  1. Platforms added. Conversion goes on, 72% sensors done. The remaining will be done from next week (about 10 days to finish). FG
  2. Added to HUD4, will be available in the next release. 61% of sensors converted as of today, the whole of them should be fine in next release... FG
  3. Not only PA2, but there will be also less FREMM destroyers (8 instead of 17 initially planned then lowered to 11). Looks like our rulers ignore that with 11 mio kmĀ² of water to watch, France has the 2nd maritime space in the world. FG
  4. Files sent to Tony. Stay tuned.Thanks for reporting the issue. FG
  5. File updated an posted to usual place. Enjoy! Sensors are now 48% converted, it means you now have about 50% chance to meet a converted sensor. Next updated due to end of May. FG
  6. Mark; I'll only add facilities since they're all converted. Focus is now placed on sensors, 40% are converted as of today, 60% ships and 26% planes are. Coming days will be a stop since I go away from any comp, but next release is still planned for 28th of April evening. FG
  7. Quick info: HUD4 next release should be on or about 28th of April. Size of fixes will depend on time. FG
  8. Should appear soon in the download section. FG
  9. Added to the HUD4 v1.11. FG
  10. Gunny

    The Pledge

    Mavfin, sorry for you, I don't feed any H3 cancer. Prove me that I've ever used any rude word at the other side. See what happened to them, Vicenzo Beretta being the last one to be banned from Matrix Games after using rude words. See how Mr Hum insults me on Gamesquad, he shouldn't do this, he's the less qualified for criticizing other's work.Any facts? Here they come: -Players'Database is originally a copy of Ragnar Emsoy's DB2k. No credit for it, the minimum politeness -Players' Database pictures, an original idea from Darren Buckley -Harpoon for Dummies channel on Youtube, an original idea from Dale Hillier -Players' Database palette, an original idea from Mark Gellis Of course, there are bugs in HUD4, but when you engage yourself on the high road, it's the risk. It's easier when using less elaborated features. Be also sure, and some here will testify I don't lie, that I try to fix bugs. Sometimes solution doesn't appear at once, but in life, patience is a virtue. FG
  11. Gunny

    The Pledge

    HUD4 was locked for the following reason: someone we all know tried to upload HUD4 into the Reimer Editor, without my permission. Since this person has the despicable habit to grab other's ideas (BTW, Mark, your color palette has been copied, welcome to the club), and then claim it is "original", I thought it would be necessary to have my work protected. I don't earn anything editing a DB, it's free time spent to give pleasure to others, So I consider that my work should be respected, but respect isn't what comes in mind when describing the other side's characteristics. FG @Mark: I took a bit delay in my schedule, RL issues that need to be addressed. Expect a new one soon.
  12. Added to HUD4 v1.11, so as the BM-21 Grad (x4) FG
  13. When Darren passed away, his formulas were lost. On the other hand, AGSI's folks and Larry Bond provided me with Annexes and spreadsheets. I came to the conclusion that it could unbalance the simulation. One day, I ran into a button of the Reimer Editor I didn't pay attention to earlier. A quick comparison between the data given by the button and data generated by the spreadsheets showed they were stricty identical. So my decision was taken to unify things. Makes the values dramatically change, around 200 more input value, it means something that couldn't be detected before can be. FG
  14. New version sent to Tony and downloadable as of now. Enjoy. Figure are now 51% of ships, 21% of aircrafts and 9% of sensors converted. Next version planned in 4 weeks. FG
  15. Mark; Issue doesn't come from the weapons per se, it comes from the guidance. From what I've seen, seemingly IR/Laser guided weapons are affected, I've tried a workaround in the next version of HUD4 1.11. We'll see if that's what I think. FG
  16. Mark, look at "my" Montcalm cruiser as an example. This ship will never become true, I suspect unitary cost around EUR 2bn, not a priority in such period, but it has elements (weapons and sensors) which exists. FG
  17. Just a quick mail to warn that next release of HUD4 v1.11 will be next Sunday evening, European time. To avoid issues, I'll send files directly to Tony. What's new is that compared to previous version, now about 50% of ships, 15% of aircrafts, and 5% of sensors are converted to new standards. Figures as of today, it will change in the coming week. FG
  18. I knew this site. I preferred the old version called Navypedia. Looks like the author, a Russian guy, has some issues redoing his site. FG
  19. No, they won't appear either, same for the "flying submarine". Only non-existing platforms accepted are the ones that could exist, but for some reasons (end of Cold War, finances...) never went beyond a sheet of paper. FG
  20. Editor's note; platform rejected, since it doesn't meet HUD4 criteria.No sci-fi units will be integrated. FG
  21. Gunny

    Vietnam Escort

    If they start with 0 fuel, the issue may also be the airbase misses AvGas tanks/farms. FG
  22. POL stands for Petrol Oil Lubricant, ie all that allows mechanics to work. I've never used POL with politicians, so I don't know if it works the same FG
  23. Issue corrected, will be part of next release. FG
  24. I know the issue, but I don't know what's provoking it. Still searching. FG
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