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This is the sixth and final part of the series.
As with all previous scenarios: Only to be played by the BLUE side.

The sudden deployment of nuclear weapons by the Israeli Defence Force came as a surprise to all involved conflict parties. Faced with annihilation after the collapse of the front along the Gaza strip and the breakthrough achieved by US-backed Egyptian Army units, the Israelis resorted to the last possible measure available to them. The ensuing nuclear storm engulfed US forces in Egypt as well and led to a limited US nuclear strike on Israeli units by B2 bombers. The last shot in that side-conflict fell, when the “Tanin”, a Dolphin class Israeli submarine, unleashed a nuclear-tipped cruise missile strike on the Diego Garcia installation, where the B2 bomber strike originated from. Following that strike, both the Israelis and the US-Egyptian coalition decided to disengage.
ECON quickly distanced itself from the Israeli actions, just as Greater Russia did.
Turkey decided to stay neutral again, following the defeat of its air force over the Aegean by ECON forces and being effectively isolated after Egypt left the conflict.
The war was approaching a stalemate between the two pacts.
It was Vladimir Putin who surprised ECON leadership with an ambitious plan to carry the fight to the enemy and potentially accelerate the end of the war.

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