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lazGUIdll_ext aka AI_window

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About This File

This is a modification of TonyE's lazGUI.dll.   It isn't a tool for game play per se but for those interested it does expose some of the game internals.

It adds for certain selected event types an automatic game pause when they are queued by the main program and showing information regarding the respective event. It provides certain information not seen in the game but useful for better understanding game operation. It includes game/scenario/database information handy to provide with reports to HarpGamer.

old zip version 5 will run in GE v 2017.05 -2022.027 and in  Matrix Patch 2022.027
current dll version requires beta 2023.004+

What's New in Version 4   See changelog


  • unit information predominantly from the database now appears when a unit is selected in the start group tab/page. Information includes unit mounts, magazines and landed aircraft if any, location water depth, depth for submarines and loadout mission for air units.
  • a tab in Game Time/ Investigate Structure (DLL call) shows when certain procedures within the DLL are called by the GE.
  • V4 internal changes only to accommodate the move from 2047/8 to 4096 items per annex

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