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Battle of the USS Midway 1988. Hypothetical scenario in WWIII.


A Harpoon Commander's Edition scenario for the EC2003 Battle for Western Pacific Battleset and the HCDB-130818 1980-2015 Era Platform Database.


Image: USS Midway (CV-41) on the Persian Gulf in 1988, with F/A-18A on deck. Photo retrieved from navysource.org and taked by a US Serviceman, and in consequence public domaint. Attributed to Kelly Scherer, SFC, USA (Ret) (Former AO1).


This scenario is designed for play with the US-Allied/Blue side or with by the Soviet-Vietnamese/Red side, to avoid spoilers is better to play a few times first the US-Allied/Blue side, and only after the Soviet-Vietnamese/Red side. This is a complex scenario and worth of play many times for the experienced Harpoon player because a lot of random elements and composite Total Victory Conditions requiriments. This is the third scenario of a series inspired in old boardgames of the 1970's and 1980's, but modified mainly to introduce the accumulated knowledge about weapons and forces deployment after the Cold War end.


In the wake of the Black Sea naval incident of 22 February 1988, and with other clashes droved to WWIII and after the neutralization of a Soviet convoy to Philippines with support of his old Vietnamese allies on the South China Sea, carrying weapons and on board the new revolutionary government to be imposed on Philippines, the US and Allied forces need to keep a firm operations base in Philippines. As consequence, two Allied convoys with MPS ships are sailing to Manila to reinforce Philippines against any new Soviet attempt, and to keep at bay the Soviet-driven local insurgence. Another US force of amphibious ships is probably sailing to reinforce the Luzon Strait. At same time two Soviet convoys with reinforcements are sailing to Vietnam. Some of the remaining Soviet Long Range Aviation elements at the campaign start in Vietnam have returned, as most of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing based at Clark AB. Another risk for the Allied convoys will be the Soviet submarines. Is probably both side have displaced an

aircraft carrier to the South China Sea. To get Total Victory both sides should arrival on time and destination with his convoys.


Enrique Mas, August 2014.

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