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Sidra Piper (1985)

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My 20th ANW/HUD-4 scenario for 2013...


This Cold War scenario involves Portugal undertaking a training exercise in the Gulf of Sidra. Libya has warned that it will fire on ships violating what it considers its territorial waters. It is possible that this exercise could turn into a very special learning experience for Portugal...


(This one turned out to be a surprisingly challenging one when I tested it. The trick is to keep in mind that the two Portuguese ships only have guns for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense and the Portuguese A-7s, while capable aircraft, only have Sidewinders and iron bombs at their disposal. The Libyans have a definite edge. It is possible to win, but you may have to employ second-by-second shooting with your AA guns to take down some of the incoming threats. In any event, I hope people enjoy it.)


Image: The Portuguese corvette, Baptista de Andrade (Source: U.S. Navy photograph; Photographer: PH1 TODD P. CICHONOWICZ, USN)






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