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Toolbox version 1.5.2 requires at least GE 2015.015 or newer up to GE 2017.04
toolbox version 1.7.0 + requires GE 2017.10+
This tool provides a window which resides in the Harpoon game window providing tools for:
manipulating air units formations within groups;
edit two air group's courses for joining;
in flight reassignment of missile targets;
deploying air groups exactly over known position of enemy unit;
capturing enemy groups;
and duplicating the message log window (so that it can replace the message log window for screen space saving).

Air Formation functions:
Currently there are three air utilities:
An Air group utility 'meet' allows two air groups to be directed to an intermediate point convenient for inair refueling for example.
A combined Air unit utility allows air units within a multi unit group or patrolling about a surface group or land base to have their flight level altered and /or their position 'offset' from the group centre position.
Notes: the offset is for air groups and shouldn't be used for aircraft in patrol formation about a surface group/base, it is achieved by an instantaneous move so is unrealistic in the short term - it is recommended that only relatively small offset distances are made and that they are made very early in a flight so as to more closely simulate flight formation at take off. If you change the flight level the unit/ group may have its speed reduced accordingly.
The search button brings up a list of all current players groups that include air units. By selecting one of the listed group its air units will list in the next box.
By selecting one of the units you can then edit the flight level of that unit or give it an offset from the group centre position. The offset is approximately nautical miles and a combination of N/S (+is south) or E/W (+is east). If the group is in the unit window you should see the shift instantly.
To cause two air groups to join select one group in the group window and press one of the 'Grp' buttons, the group ID will be shown,then select the second group and press the second 'Grp' button, finally press the 'Meet' button. this will give you a reminder that you need to go into the course editor (F3) and at the end of the current (new) course enter a reminder (F10) to eg join the other group. You can enter further course instructions such as attack or land.
SqPatrl - To add a square based patrol select an air group, select the base size (approx NMs) then press the SqPatrl button. If the selected group already had a course set then the patrol will be centred on the first course point, otherwise it is centred on the groups current position.
Attack window:
gives information on enemy units and groups that are visible to you. some experimental functions include an ability to reassign missile targets, attempt to capture enemy or neutral assets, and directing a group to move exactly directly over the current known position of an enemy unit if it's position is known precisely.
Air refuelling:
You can set the toolbox to automatically pause the game and bring up information regarding refuel events as they are queued by the main program. You can bring up a list of all your groups for which refuelling is current, and bring up unit and refuelling information for each such group. You can also search for a list of Air Groups that include a tanker, in which case you can allocate a set quantity of the refuel load for use by the tanker unit or allocatea portion of main fuel for refuelling purposes.
Two 'manual' refuelling taks are available, you can manually queue a new refuel cycle for a group and select the refuelling unit if there are more than one. You can also refuel tanker units and transfer fuel internally of a tanker unit (so as to use refuel store to increase the tankers range or in reverse so as to use someof the tankers fuel for refuelling).

To use the program unzip the ToolBox.dll file into the exportDLL folder of your HCE installation. To uninstall simply move or delete the file.
The program utilises 'LazGUI.dll' code by Tony Eischens and adapted by Don Thomas.
Please direct any queries or bug reports via Harpgamer.

What's New in Version   See changelog


In the Surface/Sub tab more weapon information is provided including for each weapon the number of munitions present and the initial number.



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