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ExportDLL-TimeCompressUse.dll 1.3.1

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About This File

This program runs in the background and when the Harpoon session is finished files TimeCompressUse.Ini & TimeCompressUse.txt are created in the main Harpooon folder (where the winharp32.exe file is located) or updated with information on the last five game sessions. The information being the file path/name of the scenario (for custom scenarios) or the battleset and scenario number (for built in scenarios), the date and time the session started, the duration of the session and the percentage of real time spent in each time compression value.

Accumulated data is also shown including the total real time played since TimeCompressUse.dl was first used.

To view the data you can either use a simple text editor to open the TimeCompressUse.txt file or select the file in windows explorer with the preview panel operating.

Much thanks to TonyE for helping me in this and other projects.

What's New in Version 1.3.1   See changelog


  • New to this version is the ability to start a new scenario mid session and the splitting of working data and display information into two files.
  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of TimeCompressUse.DLL you should delete or rename the previous TimeCompressUse.ini file from the main harpoon directory.

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