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All-out pre-Columbian Alien Invasion 2016

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Note: In this scenario, to avoid spoilers, it is better to play the Human/Blue side a few times, and only after play the Alien/Red side.


All-out pre-Columbian Alien Invasion 2016:


For thousands of years the Nest Ship and perhaps some Mother Ships rested deeply in the Chicxulub meteor impact crater after her interstellar travel with the basic elements moleculary disassembled, occult and mixed in cenotes and with other terrain irregularities and culturally coverted by local legends (or emplaced in the remains of the Olmec and Epi-Olmec cities and power centers of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, La Venta, Laguna de los Cerros, El Tajin or Cerro de las Mesas, in the old Olmec Heartland, or in Bimini Road, or in the Bermuda Triangle area), blind and automatically working on the self-reconstruction and activation of her colonization forces.

At last, after a very long time the slow Invaders have enought forces for the military occupation of Gaia and begin the last phase of the invasion, the genetically induced biological reconstruction of the Aliens own bodies.

But while concludes the biological reconstruction they need temporarily the support of other biological forces, and the Aliens have found help in related biosocial groups and countries that seemingly share the same way of vision of state and religion-controlled swarm mind, collectivist life and fanatic determinism: the Islamist and the Communists ones.


Key of the unnamed Air Bases:

ABa Santa Lucia, Hidalgo, Mexico.

ACa La Ceiba, Honduras.

ADa San Pedro Sula-La Mesa, Honduras.

AEa La Aurora, Guatemala.

AFa Comalapa, El Salvador.

AGa Panama Pacifico, Panama.

AHa San Andres, Colombia.

AIa San Jose, Costa Rica.

AJa Barranquilla, Colombia.

AKa Bogota, Colombia.

ALa El Palanquero, Colombia.

AMa El Yopal, Colombia.

ANa Guantanamo Bay, USA.

AOa San Juan, Puerto Rico.

APa Homestead, USA.

AQa Jacksonville, USA.

ARa Barksdale, USA.

ASa Whiteman, USA.

ATa Dyess, USA.

AUa New Orleans, USA.

AVa Tyndall, USA.

AWa Seymour Johnson, USA.

AXa Shaw, USA.

AYa Eglin, USA.

AZa Beaufort, USA.

BAa, Holloman, USA.

ZLa La Coloma, Cuba.

ZMa Havana Jose Marti, Cuba.

ZNa Santa Clara, Cuba.

ZOa Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

ZQa Holguin, Cuba.

ZPa San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba.

ZRa Cuenca, Ecuador.

ZSa Taura, Ecuador.

ZTa Maracay, Venezuela.

ZUa Maracaibo, Venezuela.

ZVa Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

ZWa El Sombrero, Venezuela.

ZXa Barcelona, Venezuela.

ZYa Managua, Nicaragua.


The S102B Korpen represents many types of ejecutive jets equipped with ESM.

The Italian Maestrale-class FFG represents Venezuelan Lupo-class FFG.


Enrique Mas, July 2011

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