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Surprises in the Pacific

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Surprises in the Pacific


Year 2015


You find Yourself in command of the Japanese and allied forces in a big struggle versus the PRC and North Korea.


Your forces are outnumbered and the Chinese bring in their latest inventory.


Russian intentions are unclear and unpredictable. If they join the war on China' s side it will

become extremely difficult to hold Japan and Taiwan.


Yet You are not defenseless. Both new Japanese through-deck carriers are in service. The big surprise for the enemy will be that these carriers actually carry modern F-35 fighter bombers.


So while you were caught off guard by the first hostile steps, You can strike back by using your brand new carriers and their modern combat aircraft.


You are in command of US air assets at Clark AFB, too. Several squadrons of first line bombers and fighter bombers are ready for counteroffensive actions.


Make it count.


Xmas 2010

Ralf Koelbach




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