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This scenario has been made for the 65-80db and Indochina battleset.


Operation Weaver


This scenario is fictional, taking place at the height of the Vietnam War two months after the infamous Tet offensive. Best played on Blue side.


After the Tonkin Gulf incident hostilities between the US, allied to South Vietnam, and North Vietnam increased. In 1965 an aerial interdiction campaign named "Rolling Thunder" against targets in North Vietnam was started. While frequently suspended for bombing halts, the campaign went on continuously. The fictional operation weaver is part of this interdiction campaign. Defenses over North Vietnam increased dramatically over time. While at first only AAA and MiG-17s were found, over the years SAMs and modern MiG-21s became real threats to US operations.


Target areas in North Vietnam were divided into 'route packages'. The subject of operation weaver is to strike in route package VIb, namely Haiphong. This important harbor and infrastructure hub was off limits to Rolling Thunder for most of the time. For the North Vietnamese the supplies and replacement parts coming in from Haiphong are very important, hence defenses are tight around the city.


Subject of the operation is to find targets on sea and on land and inflict maximum damage to them. The aircraft from two carriers cruising in the Tonkin Gulf at an area known as 'Yankee Station' are available. Depending on external factors additional CAP and jamming aircraft from Da Nang might be available.


The North Vietnamese side has an integrated air defense system composed of SAMs, AAA and MiGs available. Often the North Vietnamese fighters will be able to sneak up to US aircraft and jump them.


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