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A Battleset with inbuilt database and ten storyline scenarios.

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Malacca Straits, Asia equivalent to the Straits of Hormuz. A strategic trade choke points for several Asian countries including China.

The straits run along the coastlines of Indonesia and Malaysia with Singapore in the middle. China's major trade route to Africa and the west makes it of high trade and strategic importance. China has for decades claim reef, shoals and uninhabitable island as their territory and by threaten or actual force taken them. The island building campaign first stated as just claiming lost Chinese territories has become a military base initiative to levy control over the South China Sea of which the western part leads to the Malacca Strait.

The Malacca straits is located on the western part of the South China Sea which connects it to the Indian Ocean near the Bay of Bengal which is controlled by India. Australia being a large supplier of LNG to India also though not a strategic see value in not allowing China by any means control it.

A major part of Chinese energy is dependent on the Malacca Straits and see as a major vulnerability. China through trade agreements has keep the peace with counties belonging to the ASEAN trade pact. The island building program has some countries to back away from China due to militarization of the South China Sea.

Australia lately has condemned Chinese action in the South China sea and ever more their interaction with Australian military units. Australians LNG export to India are aided by unmolested transit of the Straits.

The U.S. continues its Freedom of Navigation in the SCS but not without harassment and warnings from Chinese built island bases in the SCS.

India has maintained as best a relationship with both side with the recent military exercises with China and Russia. While also doing so with the U.S. and E.U. countries.

In the region China has used it wealth to create favorable treaties and if needed coercion to control all shipping in the SCS. This leave not only Taiwan separated from possible allies' intervention of a Chinese invasion but many countries in the area also vulnerable.

China has laid claim on the Indonesian island chain of Natuna but has yet attempted to move on them. Indonesia is yet an unknown of how far they will go to defended them and who of the ASEAN countries and Australis would aid them in a standoff with China.

Natuna island would be a huge advantage for China in not only controlling the western part of the SCS but also that of the Malacca Strait.

Malaysia and Singapore are continuously busy with increase pirate activity of whom seem to have an endless supply chain.

China has increased it harassment of other countries military forces as they try to surveil the SCS in further intimidation or hiding what they are up to in the Western part of the SCS.

The control for the SCS trade sea-lanes and riches moves West

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