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  1. The Battle of Bissau (1981)

    My fifth scenario of 2013...
    A revolution in Guinea-Bissau has put Americans at risk. With only days or hours before Americans are executed on trumped up charges of espionage, a hastily assembled task force must seize control of the well-defended city of Bissau.
    (I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out. It is definitely possible to win, but you have to manage resources carefully and play smart...or else!)
    Image: A U.S. Marine Corps Boeing CH-46 on the Guam (U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DF-ST-84-09763, Author: TSgt. Mike Creen)



  2. Salalah Station (1986)

    My fourth scenario of 2013...
    In 1986, the civil war in Yemen spilled over into Oman. Oman responded by firing mortar rounds into Yemen. The Soviet Union, Yemen's ally, moved ships into the area. The United States has been asked by Oman to move vessels into the area to help stabilize the situation.
    Image: CG 24 Reeves (public domain image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:E4-CG24Cruising.jpg)



  3. The Cu Lao Re Affair (1984)

    My third scenario of the year...
    At the height of the Cold War, Dutch forces must extract intelligence officers from an island off the coast of Vietnam.
    Image: A port bow view of the Netherlands frigate HrMs Kortenaer (F 807) underway (Author unknown, but image attributed to the U.S. Navy).



  4. Operation Southern Gulf (1982)

    My second scenario of 2013...
    Spain is conducting a training exercise in the Gulf of Sidra. Libya believes the entire Gulf of Sidra is their territorial waters. Are these two nations on a collision course?
    Image: The Spanish aircraft carrier Dédalo (R01) underway. Four Hawker Siddley AV-8S Harrier fighters, a Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King and a Agusta-Bell AB 212 are visible on deck. (U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-88-08302; Author: LCdr. John Leenhouts, USN.)



  5. Passage to Brunei (2015)

    Tensions have increased between Singapore and Indonesia. A convoy from Singapore must make its way to Brunei.
    Image: RSS Victory (P 88) fires its 76mm gun during a 2009 exercise. (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Ed Early/Released.)



  6. Pacific War 2 Intruders

    Pacific War 2 Intruders
    A scenario for Harpoon 3 UE and the HUD 4 database.
    In this second scenario of the Pacific Battleset your task is to guard the brand new Hyuga Class helo carrier.
    Several Chinese subs have made it to come close and now try to hunt the pearl of the Japanese Fleet down.



  7. Black Moon Sailing (2014)

    Israeli forces must intercept a Turkish merchant vessel believed to be carrying weapons and other supplies for Hamas.
    Image: A port bow view of the Israeli Navy's guided missile patrol boat INS Hetz (Sa'ar 4.5). Source: http://www.defenseimagery.mil/
    Author's Note: This scenario takes advantage of the feature in H3/ANW that allows one to board and take control of a vessel without sinking it--to win this scenario, you have to complete a boarding/takeover mission (among other things); simply sinking the merchant will not be enough.



  8. High Tension

    1st scen made for TF450 project. Features 2 of the carrier forces against hardliners in the Persian Gulf.



  9. Test Platforms

    This is simply a copy of the generic scenario I use for testing platforms. Please download it, modify it, use it as you like, etc. It is already set up with some units related to some of the bugs that have been reported recently, but feel free to change them, add new ones, etc. as you like. It also has a Victory condition related to Possession (rather than Destroy); feel free to change it if you don't need it. If you find ships, planes, weapons, etc. with problems, please let Gunny know here on Harpgamer. New versions will be uploaded periodically as new issues are reported. Thanks!



  10. Pacific War 1

    Pacific War 1: Ignition
    Japan vs China
    Date: August 14th, 2013
    Long lasting tensions tend to explode some day. The struggle regarding the Senkaku (as the Japanese name them) or Diaoyutai (the Chinese name) Islands is one of those latent conflicts.
    It' s not about those little rocks, it's about the ressources around them.
    Ignition is the first scenario of a new Battleset which displays an accelating conflict, starting around those small islands.
    This a sharp tactical duel, be careful using time compression!



  11. Koeln Sunset (1981)

    My first scenario with the newest beta version of HUD-4, v 1.11.
    It is 1981 and tensions have increased between NATO and the Soviet Union. Intelligence reports suggest the Soviets plan to place several submarines in the North Sea and the English Channel. Their intentions are unclear, but NATO will not tolerate this provocation. A West German task force is assigned to force the Soviet submarines to leave. What will happen if the Soviets refuse to leave is not clear...
    Image: A starboard bow view of the West German frigate Köln (F 220) underway in 1982. U.S. Defenseimagery.mil photo VIRIN: DN-SC-87-01124.
    Author's Notes: "Koeln" is the spelling given in the HUD-4 database, rather than "Köln," so that is why it was used. Please be aware that there seems to be an issue with some of the ASROC launchers in the HUD-4; future releases of the database should include the fix for this problem, but until that time players should adjust their tactics accordingly.



  12. Chinese Aggression

    A Japanese oil research vessel has been attacked and sunk off the coast of China and survivors have been taken hostage by pirates. The PLAN has claimed that the vessel was a military ECM vessel that had been hampering Chinese military communications and was well within Chinese territorial waters. The PLAN has threatened to sink any vessel and shoot down any aircraft that dare to approach the location of the sunken vessel or any attempt to rescue hostages.



  13. Operation Andes Wind (2017)

    A few years in the future...a military coup has put a junta hostile to the United States in power in Chile. American citizens need to be evacuated before they can be detained and used as hostages. An amphibious task force, and two other ships, must complete this mission while protecting themselves against Chilean forces.

    Image: A U.S. Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey on the flight deck of an amphibious assault ship. Navy NewsStand Photo ID: 051115-N-3527B-049; Author: United States Navy, Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Timothy Bensken.



  14. Pledge 12: Passage to Denmark (1991)

    Task Force Romeo has completed an intelligence gathering mission in the Baltic and is now on its way back to Copenhagen. However, with the Soviet Union on the verge of collapse, tensions between it and the West are rising, and the task force needs to be careful not to spark an international incident on its homeward voyage.
    Image: German guided missile destroyer Rommel (D 187) underway alongside the U.S. Navy battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) in 1986. (Photo ID:DNST8707145; Camera Operator: PHC JEFF HILTON.)



  15. Pledge 11: Valor and Varna 2014

    Tensions between the Ukraine and its neighbors in the Black Sea region, allied Bulgaria and Romania, have reached a crisis point. Intelligence suggests that the Ukraine plans a massive attack against Bulgaria, focusing on its merchant fleet and the port city of Varna. Can Bulgaria, with the assistance of its ally Romania, defeat this threat?
    Image: MiG-29 take off for a combat training mission as part of exercise Rodopi Javelin 2007 at Graf Ignattevo Airfield, Bulgaria, Oct. 18, 2007. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth) (Released)



  16. Pledge 10: The Cardiff Incident (2014)

    In 2014, a British task force must liberate a trawler seized under questionable circumstances by Ecuador. The captain and crew have been accused of everything from illegal fishing practices to being spies. The Prime Minister is reputed to have said, "When the time comes, we'll go to the International Court, and if I was wrong, I'll accept the consequences. But right now, the law be damned--we're getting our people out of there."
    Image: The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Dauntless (D 33). U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Donald R. White Jr./Released; 110629-N-MY642-538



  17. Battle of Damascus

    A joint service scenerio with USN, USAF and Turkish units tackling a heavily fortified Damascus. Blue side must react towards an aggressive regime by neutralizing WMD sites and a Russian air base while boarding a suspect arms ship and position a helo to recover US Special Forces in downtown Damascus. You must also hunt down the defunct leader of the country.
    The Russians have sided with Damascus and have conveniently positioned the air base with bombers somewhere in eastern Syria that is moderately guarded with a wing of fighters. It is a distance from the US base in Turkey making in-flight refueling necessary of the F-15 and F-16 fighters patrolling the area for the base. It will not be easy to locate but if you track inbound and outbound aircraft, you may give yourself a general idea of its location. Just pay attention to the enemy air units leaving the area as they may be nuclear armed bombers enroute to your base. Destroying the base is a victory condition.
    A WMD site is located north of Damascus, is heavy guarded and have several targets to be be neutralized in order to meet the games VC. Also to follow the story line, the ousted leader of Syria is holed up in a bunker inside Damascus and your search aircraft must fly low and slow in order to locate the target. This bunker is also a VC. A Russian arms ship is being escorted into Syria and must be boarded and yet again it is under heavy Russian escort. Boarding is also a VC. A predetermined location inside of Damascus has been labled in order to postion a CH-53E to recover special forces and the helo must be in postion hovering over the location no earlier than 1900Z or the VC will not be met. Just to add a bit of frustration their will be neutral units in the air as well as on the surface.
    The scenrio has many targets and units and runs a bit slow yet it has a scenerio duration of 8 hours and can be played easily in an afternoon with a 15-30 second time compression. Thank you for considering playing this scenerio.



  18. Pledge 9: The Battle of El'dzhik

    Uzbekistan believes that Turkmenistan is using one of its dams to "steal" water from a river that runs through both countries. They have gone to the U.N., but to no avail, and have decided that their only option is to destroy the dam.
    Image: Uzbekistani Su-24 Fencer. Image released by the United States Air Force with the ID 050214-F-OK556-004. Author: Scott T. Sturkol, U.S. Air Force.
    Author's Notes: I wrote this scenario partly to explore the possibilities of smaller, air-oriented scenarios for Harpoon. It is based around a limited conflict (an attack on one strategic target) between two smaller nations and there are no naval units in this scenario, only aircraft and ground facilities such as runways, air defense units, and buildings.



  19. Pledge 8: Mission to Bahrain 1981-1982 Part 2

    In early 1982, the Kitty Hawk battle group and an amphibious group must eliminate the threat to a counter-coup in Bahrain posed by Iranian forces. Destroy at least 75 Iranian aircraft and at least 20 Iranian facilities. Avoid serious losses.
    Image: Various aircraft parked in formation aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. Defense Image photo VIRIN: DN-SN-85-06347.



  20. Pledge 7: Mission to Bahrain 1981-1982 Part 1

    Late in 1981, Islamic militants tried to seize control of the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain. In history, this coup attempt failed, but this scenario assumes that it succeeded, that the United States decides to restore the former government of Bahrain, but that the only forces available for this mission are the Kitty Hawk battle group, two submarines, and a group of amphbious vessels.
    First, American forces must make their way to the Gulf of Oman to gather intelligence. However, Iran has warned the United States not to interfere in Bahrain. It remains to be seen how far the Iranians will go to support their new allies...
    Image: A U.S. Navy Grumman F-14A Tomcat from fighter squadron VF-51 Screaming Eagles, Carrier Air Wing 15 (CVW-15), landing on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) off Oahu, Hawaii (USA), on 1 April 1981. In the background is an F-14A from VF-111 Sundowners. U.S. National Archives No. NN33300514 2005-06-30; Camera Operator: PH2 Michael Mcmillan, USN.



  21. Pledge 6: The Matsu Incident 2015

    A routine patrol for the Taiwanese Navy. Or, at least, it should have been...
    Image: The U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Kidd (DDG-993) crossing Thimble Shoals in Chesapeake Bay; Released to Public ID: DNSC880921; Author: PH2 K. Bates, USN. The Kidd was eventually sold to Taiwan, where she serves as the Tso Ying (DDG-1803).



  22. Pledge 5: Sao Tome 2018

    In 2017, Nigeria invades the tiny island country of Sao Tome and Principe. China blocks any U.N. resolutions against its ally Nigeria. Early in 2018, the European Union decides to take action and sends EUROMARFOR to liberate Sao Tome and Principe.
    Note: Image of the Portuguese frigate NRP Corte Real; U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class James C. Davis (Released).



  23. Pledge 4: Eagles over Latakia 1982

    During the 1982 war with Lebanon, an Israeli task force of missile boats is ordered to destroy Syrian naval vessels based at Latakia.
    (Image of a Saar 3 missile boat, by קודקוד צהוב, and "made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.")
    Author's note: I had a few occasions when testing the scenario where the scenario did not load properly and made it impossible for me to launch aircraft. I believe this error has been corrected in this most recent version of the file. If the problem does crop up again, however, simply re-loading the scenario seems to solve it.)



  24. Pledge 3: Gambian Gambit 1981

    A Marxist coup has seized power in the Gambia. Soviet and Libyan forces are in the area, offering support. The Forrestal and her battle group must eliminate these threats!
    (Image shows the Forrestal (CVA-59) with F-4 Phantoms parked on her deck. Image source: U.S. Navy National Museum of Naval Aviation photo No. 1996.488.226.085)



  25. Pledge 2: Belitung Blitz 2015

    Multinational force headed up by South Korea and the United States takes on pirates in the Java Sea. (Image United States Navy ID 100727-N-2013O-128, by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Charles Oki/Released.)



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