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  1. Stealth Attack

    Surgical strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities by Lancers, Spirits and Night Hawks, followed by conventional mop-up strikes by the 366th Fighter Wing and a CVBG in the Arabian Sea - but with some nasty surprises for the USA.
    The database can be found at the page:
    Or directly at:



  2. Vivid Sentry (2018)

    My 28th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, tensions have increased between the Netherlands and Venezuela. The Netherlands sends a small task force to Aruba to "show the flag," and hopefully discourage Venezuela from any aggression, and to gather intelligence. But things may not go as smoothly as planned...
    (This is another scenario that I think shows how good Harpoon ANW and the HUD-4 are at modeling small battles where both sides only have a dozen or so units. It is not too hard to win, but you have to pay attention to what is going on because it is easy for trouble to sneak up on you.)
    Image: Dutch naval ship Rotterdam (1998); Author: Royal Netherlands Navy / Koninklijke Marine



  3. Attacking the Fortress for Harpoon 3.6 and db2000

    Attacking the Fortress
    A scenario for Harpoon 3.6 and db2000 (editor: Ragnar Emsoy)
    Ralf Koelbach
    I wrote "Attacking the Fortress" back in 2004. It was my first built-from-scratch Harpoon 3 scenario. It took me a long time to write it since it should be as realistic as possible. This was only achievable by massive support from Ragnar Emsoy who taught me a lot about Harpoon 3, the db2000 and naval warfare in that time.



  4. The Trap V 4.0

    The Trap v 4.0
    A scenario exclusively for Harpoon 3 ANW and the ANW DB 2.2 (posted here at Harpgamer)
    by Ralf Koelbach
    September, 2009
    The Trap is a classical Cold War scenario. I wrote it long ago for Harpoon 2, but could not make it as large as I liked because of H2´s performance problems.
    These problems have gone Though the scen is really large, it should run fast enough on modern PC´s.
    While it was two-sided back then I have rewritten it as US only, thus making the AI controlled side FAR stronger then it was. All bases, all missions have been redone for adding additional punch to your opponent.
    So here you meet them all:
    - squadrons of the deadly Soviet long range bombers, loaded with supersonic killer missiles
    - the classical US carrier group
    - the typical Cold War carrier air wings
    - subs, subs, subs...
    ..combined with the ANW feature ship-to-ship underway replenishment. This is not luxury here, it is neccesary for the survival of your carrier group.
    High Noon in the Norwegian Sea!
    Hope you enjoy it!



  5. ColdWar

    The End of the Cold War
    Something went entirely wrong, and it happened so fast that nobody could recall immediately when and where it started. The Soviets were under the impression that NATO was preparing for an attack on the motherland and decreed that securing Iceland for a prolonged war was vital to victory; thus they mobilized each operational vessel in the Northern Fleet and managed to occupy the Faroes as a prelude. NATO then, too, scrambled every available asset in the North Atlantic, and when the first shot (a nuclear-tipped torpedo) was fired and sank a Dutch frigate, all hell broke loose.
    These scenarios have been tested with the Harpoon 3.6 game engine, but not Harpoon: ANW. No warranty or representation regarding compatibility or function with ANW is given or implied.
    This scenario requires the Y2k Database which can be found:



  6. A Fight to the Death (mod. version ANW / HUD3)

    Hello Pooners,
    " A Fight to the Death" maybe is the most discussed and debated stock scen, delivered with the very first battleset for Harpoon 2 back in 1994.
    Several pooners have written their own modification of this thrilling scen. In the HUD 3 version currently available, there is a modified version based on discussions Darren and I had.
    Here now is another variation, my "personal edition".
    Heavily modified, carrier air wings updated to modern times, Russians armed to the teeth
    For ANW / HUE 3.10 and the included HUD 3 V 1.5.0 release.
    Have fun!



  7. The Haruyuki Saga (2015)

    For my 30th scenario of 2013, I tried something different. This is actually a trio of scenarios, following the Japanese destroyer Haruyuki (DD 128) through one fateful week in 2015, as she is suddenly thrust into the center of a conflict between Japan and North Korea. Since the events take place over the course of only a few days, the Haruyuki and the submarine assisting her, the Wakashio (SS 587) are not able to resupply, and so they will have fewer and fewer weapons as the scenarios progess. This was accomplished by using the logistics editing options in H3 ANW.
    Image: Japanese destroyer Haruyuki (DD 128); Author: Manabu Itoh; according to Wikicommons, this image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.



  8. Operation Southern Guard (1985)

    My 19th scenario of 2013...
    This "what if" Cold War scenario assumes World War III took place in 1985. It also assumes that, in case the Suez Canal becomes unusable, some merchant ships and tankers are taking an alternate route around the southern tip of Africa. Soviet forces operating out of Angola will attempt to disrupt Allied shipping. Dutch, South African, and American forces in the area must protect the merchants and destroy the Soviet task force.
    Image: Dutch frigate HNLMS TROMP (F-801) (Source: United States Navy.)
    (I hope people enjoy this one. I found it very hard to beat, although that might simply be my own lack of tactical brilliance, or patience, or attention to detail, or something. But it took a bunch of tries before I could nail the task force and do it before the Soviets sunk too many merchants to achieve the victory conditions. And I already knew where all the bad guys were!)



  9. The Duel V 3.0

    The Duel V 3.0
    A scenario for Harpoon 3 ANW and the ANW DB
    written by Ralf Koelbach
    This scenario was, if I remember correctly, my first scen I wrote for and with Harpoon 2, back then in 1994 or so.
    It bases on the Duel scen in Harpoon Classic, GIUK Battleset, but incorporates a lot of improvements.
    This version 3.0 is Nato side only.
    Have fun !



  10. Battle of Damascus

    A joint service scenerio with USN, USAF and Turkish units tackling a heavily fortified Damascus. Blue side must react towards an aggressive regime by neutralizing WMD sites and a Russian air base while boarding a suspect arms ship and position a helo to recover US Special Forces in downtown Damascus. You must also hunt down the defunct leader of the country.
    The Russians have sided with Damascus and have conveniently positioned the air base with bombers somewhere in eastern Syria that is moderately guarded with a wing of fighters. It is a distance from the US base in Turkey making in-flight refueling necessary of the F-15 and F-16 fighters patrolling the area for the base. It will not be easy to locate but if you track inbound and outbound aircraft, you may give yourself a general idea of its location. Just pay attention to the enemy air units leaving the area as they may be nuclear armed bombers enroute to your base. Destroying the base is a victory condition.
    A WMD site is located north of Damascus, is heavy guarded and have several targets to be be neutralized in order to meet the games VC. Also to follow the story line, the ousted leader of Syria is holed up in a bunker inside Damascus and your search aircraft must fly low and slow in order to locate the target. This bunker is also a VC. A Russian arms ship is being escorted into Syria and must be boarded and yet again it is under heavy Russian escort. Boarding is also a VC. A predetermined location inside of Damascus has been labled in order to postion a CH-53E to recover special forces and the helo must be in postion hovering over the location no earlier than 1900Z or the VC will not be met. Just to add a bit of frustration their will be neutral units in the air as well as on the surface.
    The scenrio has many targets and units and runs a bit slow yet it has a scenerio duration of 8 hours and can be played easily in an afternoon with a 15-30 second time compression. Thank you for considering playing this scenerio.



  11. Gray Hermit (1984)

    My 29th scenario of 2013...
    This Cold War scenario assumes the Soviets have stealthily moved a couple of submarines into Hudson Bay. Canada considers this intolerable and acts to remove this threat.
    I think this one turned out quite well. It might work well as a scenario for people getting used to Harpoon ANW because it is a straightforward search-and-destroy mission and you only have a few ships and aircraft to control. The only drawback, and this is often the case with an ASW scenario, is that there can be a lot of waiting while you search. There is at least one twist, however, that might show up and surprise you.
    Image: Canadian frigate HMCS Nipigon (DDH 266); Source: Defense Visual Information Center - U.S. Department of Defense (DOD); Author: PH3 J. Elliott, USN



  12. JAPFISH - Sea of Japan

    based on an original HC scenario by Mark Gellis
    Fish populations around the world have declined due to global warming, overfishing, and other factors. Japan has responded to dwindling catches by fishing closer and closer to parts of the Russian coast where fish are still relatively abundant. It is not clear whether Japanese fishing boats has actually violated Russian territorial waters or, if they have, how often it has happened, but Russia believes its territory is being violated. The situation has become very tense. Russian fishermen have fired shots at Japanese fishing boats. Japan has responded by sending armed escorts to accompany fishing fleets. Russia has declared this an unacceptable provocation.



  13. Okinawa II - Western Pacific

    As the Western economies continued toward collapse, Japan moved forward in its desire to reassert dominance in the Far East. In order to force the United States to relinquish its forward bases in the Pacific, the Japanes military moved into action. A naval and air blockade was placed around Okinawa Island.
    The US government, backed by strong public opinion, decided to respond with a show of military force. The Japanese, knowing they could not stand toe-to-toe with the US Navy, decided the best option would be to operate within range of their land based aircraft. They hoped that preventing the resupply of Okinawa, and, in the course of maintaining the blockade, inflicting significant losses on the US Navy, would cause the US Government to reconsider their claims on Okinawa.



  14. Crocodile Snare (1980)

    My 25th scenario of the year...
    This scenario assumes that the brief war that took place between Egypt and Libya in 1977 has continued and that Italy has tried to broker a peace between these two nations. However, when Egypt begins preparing for a new offensive in 1980, Italy decides that further aggression against Libya is unacceptable and decides to intercept an Egyptian convoy carrying vital supplies to the occupied port of Tubruk...
    Image: Italian destroyer Impavido (DD 570) (Source: http://www.dodmedia.osd.mil)



  15. Coast Bronco (2015)

    My 26th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, a small American task force must take on a drug cartel operating out of Costa Rica.
    (This might be a good scenario for people getting used to Harpoon ANW...it is not hard to win as long as you are careful and don't take unnecessary risks. It is, I think, a good example of how Harpoon ANW does well with small scenarios and in modeling low intensity conflicts; I also had fun mapping out part of the Western coast of Costa Rica using online resources to identify where beach resorts, etc. were located).
    Image: Littoral combat ship USS Forth Worth (LCS 3) (Source: U.S. Navy).



  16. Alaskan Tango (Version 3)

    A further revision, based on comments from people who have tried out the earlier versions.
    Be careful what you wish for...



  17. Pacific War 2 Intruders

    Pacific War 2 Intruders
    A scenario for Harpoon 3 UE and the HUD 4 database.
    In this second scenario of the Pacific Battleset your task is to guard the brand new Hyuga Class helo carrier.
    Several Chinese subs have made it to come close and now try to hunt the pearl of the Japanese Fleet down.



  18. Iceland - the "Scenedit scen"

    Iceland - the "Scenedit scen"
    A scenario for Harpoon 3 ANW
    Ralf Koelbach
    Database: ANW DB v 2.2 (Dale Hillier)
    Remember the old Harpoon 2 - days? The scenario editor manual? Included is a step-by-step explanation how to write a first scen.
    Few weeks ago I was in kind of a retro mood and wrote this small beginner´s scen.
    Those were the days.



  19. Istiqlal on Patrol (2015)

    My 18th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, tensions between Iran and Kuwait have increased. Kuwait sends a few of its vessels to "show the flag" by patrolling the Eastern part of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). But will Iran consider this a provocation and use it as an excuse to attack?
    Image: Kuwaiti patrol vessel Al-Garoh. (Source: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Kevin H. Tierney.)
    (Author's note: I found this one surprisingly challenging when I was testing it, perhaps because it is one of those small scenarios where every asset counts and a couple of mistakes early on can make it very hard to complete your mission.)



  20. Black Rooster (2018)

    My 27th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, France must help its ally Gabon in a conflict against Angola. It must help protect a Gabonese air base from attack and destroy an Angolan air base and Angolan SAM facilities in Cabinda.
    Image: The French Command and Projection Ship Tonnerre (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alicia R. Giron)



  21. Atlantic Clash - scenario for H3 ANW and the HUD 3

    Hi Pooners,
    my first scenario for H3 ANW (HUE), since HUE has been released. It is written for and with Darren´s HUD 3 V 1.5 database.
    Story: What would happen, if a current US CVBG clashes with a strong Russian CVBG, centered around the CVN Kusnetzov and full of up-to-date Flankers and Fulcrums?
    This one is a nice duel I think. Be careful when using time compression
    Hope you´ve fun.



  22. Perisher

    Perisher Special
    The USA have agreed a joint exercise with Canada to simulate the forced entry into a hostile country, using moderate air force assets, shore batteries modeling Silkworm launchers and frigates simulating missile boats. Canadian diesel submarines and one British SSN are participating; for the British commander this is a Perisher Special giving him the opportunity to try out an attack on a sophisticated carrier battle group.
    These scenarios have been tested with the Harpoon 3.6 game engine, but not Harpoon: ANW. No warranty or representation regarding compatibility or function with ANW is given or implied.
    This scenario requires the Y2k Database which can be found:



  23. Kurils - Sea of Japan

    The Kuril Islands is the setting for this dispute between Russia and Japan. The Russsians invaded the Kurils near the end of World War II and Japan wants these islands back. Neither side has signed a formal peace treaty following the war because of the Kurils Islands. Whenever negotiations take place, Japan brings up the Kurils in an effort to get them returned. So far, the Russians have not yielded, despite their inability to support the Islands. The economic situation of the Kurils and its native, largely Japanese, population is deterioriating as each day passes. This scenario explores one of the options available to the Japanese Government, should political efforts and negotiations continue to fail.



  24. The Battle of Baegryeong-do (2015)

    My 16th Harpoon ANW/HUD-4 scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, South Korean forces must defend the small island of Baegryeong-do from a North Korean attack!
    Image: Two South Korean F-16s (Source: U.S. Air Force website photo 071114-F-1851B-211; Author: Master Sgt. Jack Braden)



  25. The Cold North - The North Atlantic

    The Russian military has been experiencing a loss of discipline and an increase of desertions and mutinies among its ranks brought on by little or no pay and loss of morale. Of late, several older ex-Soviet warships that were laid up prior to decommissioning have turned up missing. More disturbing is the fact that the ammunition for these warships stored in a nearby warehouse, prior to their destruction have also turned up missing. In another development, Oil has been discovered in and around the coast of northern Greenland and several oilrigs and a base camp has been set up. Contact has been lost with the whole operation. It is feared that an unknown force has seized the facilities. NATO has been tasked to investigate.



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