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  1. A Crisis in the Gambia (1996)

    My fifteenth scenario of 2013...
    It is 1996 and a civil war is raging in the Gambia. The E.U. is concerned that the rebels have committed war crimes and have decided to assist the Gambian government. They must destroy a bridge near the city of Banjul and take out rebel forces in and around the country's only airport. They also have to do this without blowing up any schools, or the American embassy, by accident.
    (This is another scenario where you need to take out ground targets with limited air assets, but don't forget you have some nice artillery on a couple of your ships.)
    Image: An Italian Harrier II aircraft aboard the Italian aircraft carrier Garibaldi (Source: U.S. Navy photograph; Author: PHC JACK C. BAHM).



  2. A Fight to the Death (mod. version ANW / HUD3)

    Hello Pooners,
    " A Fight to the Death" maybe is the most discussed and debated stock scen, delivered with the very first battleset for Harpoon 2 back in 1994.
    Several pooners have written their own modification of this thrilling scen. In the HUD 3 version currently available, there is a modified version based on discussions Darren and I had.
    Here now is another variation, my "personal edition".
    Heavily modified, carrier air wings updated to modern times, Russians armed to the teeth
    For ANW / HUE 3.10 and the included HUD 3 V 1.5.0 release.
    Have fun!



  3. Alaskan Tango - Modified Version

    Alaskan Tango
    A Scenario for Harpoon 3 ANW/HUE 3.10
    Database: HUD 3 V 1.6.1
    A large Cold War Battle far away. Will You achieve a decisive victory by storming the barricades of the Kamchatka Peninsula?
    It is your Carrier Battle Group, reinforced with several subs, versus ... an strong and well prepared opponent.
    Be on your guard, watch Your six...and have fun!
    Scenario idea/concept and older versions by Mark Gellis
    This heavily modified version was written by Ralf Koelbach



  4. Alaskan Tango (Revsied)

    A revised version of the Alaskan Tango scenario with some errors resolved...



  5. Alaskan Tango (Version 3)

    A further revision, based on comments from people who have tried out the earlier versions.
    Be careful what you wish for...



  6. Archerfish Quartet (1983)

    My tenth HUD-4 scenario of the year...
    This is a straightforward Cold War submarine duel...it is 1983, in the early days of World War III, and a squadron of American submarines must find and destroy a squadron of Soviet ballistic missile submarines before they can escape into the Atlantic Ocean.
    Image: United States Navy attack submarine USS Archerfish (SSN-678) (Source: http://www.navsource.org/archives/08/08678.htm; Author: U.S. Navy).



  7. Assault - a scenario for ANW 3.10 and the ANW DB

    A scenario for Harpoon ANW 3.10 and the ANW DB
    written by
    Ralf Koelbach
    February, 2011
    The control of Iceland is crucial for the dominance in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Land your troops via helo and take the base!
    But prepare it well or your troops will never see the island...
    This scenario uses ANWs brand new feature boarding and takeover.
    It is by no means a beginner's scenario, you are up against very stiff defense.
    Have fun,
    The war is in a critical phase. Our efforts to control the Atlantic Ocean are hindered by the Bravo base on Iceland.
    In order to gain access to the Atlantic, we must take the hostile base on Iceland.
    Move your task force towards the zone marked by the three refpoints. Proceed with care. Your LST must be on station there for at least four hours in order to unload troops and equipment.
    In order to achieve that, conduct the following steps:
    1. Gain air superiority
    2. Take out hostile SAM units and ground forces.
    3. First take the landing zone in the Southwest. Use it as a beachhead.
    4. Then take facility after facility of the base with your helos.
    5. Now come close with your carrier group. The LST can unload.
    Command and Signal
    AKR Kusnetzov
    EMCON passive.



  8. Atlantic Clash - scenario for H3 ANW and the HUD 3

    Hi Pooners,
    my first scenario for H3 ANW (HUE), since HUE has been released. It is written for and with Darren´s HUD 3 V 1.5 database.
    Story: What would happen, if a current US CVBG clashes with a strong Russian CVBG, centered around the CVN Kusnetzov and full of up-to-date Flankers and Fulcrums?
    This one is a nice duel I think. Be careful when using time compression
    Hope you´ve fun.



  9. Attacking the Fortress for Harpoon 3.6 and db2000

    Attacking the Fortress
    A scenario for Harpoon 3.6 and db2000 (editor: Ragnar Emsoy)
    Ralf Koelbach
    I wrote "Attacking the Fortress" back in 2004. It was my first built-from-scratch Harpoon 3 scenario. It took me a long time to write it since it should be as realistic as possible. This was only achievable by massive support from Ragnar Emsoy who taught me a lot about Harpoon 3, the db2000 and naval warfare in that time.



  10. Baltic Squeeze (1980)

    My 24th scenario of the year...
    A nice, basic Cold War scenario, set in 1980, in which West German forces must ambush a Soviet convoy headed for East Germany. It's one of those scenarios where, if you are careful, it is not too hard to win, but if you are not careful, it is very easy to lose.
    Image: West German guided missile destroyer Lütjens (D185) (Source: U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-89-03687; Author: PH3 Haley, USN)



  11. Battle of Damascus

    A joint service scenerio with USN, USAF and Turkish units tackling a heavily fortified Damascus. Blue side must react towards an aggressive regime by neutralizing WMD sites and a Russian air base while boarding a suspect arms ship and position a helo to recover US Special Forces in downtown Damascus. You must also hunt down the defunct leader of the country.
    The Russians have sided with Damascus and have conveniently positioned the air base with bombers somewhere in eastern Syria that is moderately guarded with a wing of fighters. It is a distance from the US base in Turkey making in-flight refueling necessary of the F-15 and F-16 fighters patrolling the area for the base. It will not be easy to locate but if you track inbound and outbound aircraft, you may give yourself a general idea of its location. Just pay attention to the enemy air units leaving the area as they may be nuclear armed bombers enroute to your base. Destroying the base is a victory condition.
    A WMD site is located north of Damascus, is heavy guarded and have several targets to be be neutralized in order to meet the games VC. Also to follow the story line, the ousted leader of Syria is holed up in a bunker inside Damascus and your search aircraft must fly low and slow in order to locate the target. This bunker is also a VC. A Russian arms ship is being escorted into Syria and must be boarded and yet again it is under heavy Russian escort. Boarding is also a VC. A predetermined location inside of Damascus has been labled in order to postion a CH-53E to recover special forces and the helo must be in postion hovering over the location no earlier than 1900Z or the VC will not be met. Just to add a bit of frustration their will be neutral units in the air as well as on the surface.
    The scenrio has many targets and units and runs a bit slow yet it has a scenerio duration of 8 hours and can be played easily in an afternoon with a 15-30 second time compression. Thank you for considering playing this scenerio.



  12. Battle of San Antonio 2013

    Chilean convoy vs. Russian navy in the near future...
    (Image of Chilean navy frigate CNS Almirante Williams (FFG 19) and several other ships is U.S. Navy photo 110629-N-ZI300-106 by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Steve Smith/Released)



  13. Benin Blockade 1975

    Well, here's another Cold War scenario: French vs. Soviet forces, triggered by a Marxist revolution in Benin, formerly a French colony. I think I did better putting things together this time. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.



  14. Black Moon Sailing (2014)

    Israeli forces must intercept a Turkish merchant vessel believed to be carrying weapons and other supplies for Hamas.
    Image: A port bow view of the Israeli Navy's guided missile patrol boat INS Hetz (Sa'ar 4.5). Source: http://www.defenseimagery.mil/
    Author's Note: This scenario takes advantage of the feature in H3/ANW that allows one to board and take control of a vessel without sinking it--to win this scenario, you have to complete a boarding/takeover mission (among other things); simply sinking the merchant will not be enough.



  15. Black Rooster (2018)

    My 27th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, France must help its ally Gabon in a conflict against Angola. It must help protect a Gabonese air base from attack and destroy an Angolan air base and Angolan SAM facilities in Cabinda.
    Image: The French Command and Projection Ship Tonnerre (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alicia R. Giron)



  16. C Level Brawl

    A small action...Canada takes on Colombia. Enjoy.



  17. Celebes Sea Slam 2016

    Part of the Philippines has broken away from the mother country and declared independence. Indonesia is supporting them. The Philippines need to stop an Indonesian convoy carrying supplies. (Image of Philippine vessel del Pilar was cropped from U.S. Navy photo 110730-N-WX059-162 by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Sean Furey/Released)



  18. Chinese Aggression

    A Japanese oil research vessel has been attacked and sunk off the coast of China and survivors have been taken hostage by pirates. The PLAN has claimed that the vessel was a military ECM vessel that had been hampering Chinese military communications and was well within Chinese territorial waters. The PLAN has threatened to sink any vessel and shoot down any aircraft that dare to approach the location of the sunken vessel or any attempt to rescue hostages.



  19. Coast Bronco (2015)

    My 26th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, a small American task force must take on a drug cartel operating out of Costa Rica.
    (This might be a good scenario for people getting used to Harpoon ANW...it is not hard to win as long as you are careful and don't take unnecessary risks. It is, I think, a good example of how Harpoon ANW does well with small scenarios and in modeling low intensity conflicts; I also had fun mapping out part of the Western coast of Costa Rica using online resources to identify where beach resorts, etc. were located).
    Image: Littoral combat ship USS Forth Worth (LCS 3) (Source: U.S. Navy).



  20. Coconut Crisis 1980

    In 1980, there was a quasi-rebellion in the New Hebrides. Historically, there was little loss of life. But what if the organization behind the rebellion was more violent, and Great Britain decided to eliminate the threat, but France refused to allow Great Britain to use force in an area where they were co-administrators? So, the British task force must conduct the raid but it is possible that France will attack them before they even reach the New Hebrides...
    (As a side note...I've discovered that a great way to brainstorm new scenarios is to go to Wikipedia, scroll through their lists of "conflicts by decade" or "territorial disputes" and then modify history by assuming that someone with access to military equipment has decided that today is a good day to act like a homicidal maniac. Fortunately for the world, history usually does not work like this...fortunately for Harpoon, it's a game, so insanity is always an option!)



  21. ColdWar

    The End of the Cold War
    Something went entirely wrong, and it happened so fast that nobody could recall immediately when and where it started. The Soviets were under the impression that NATO was preparing for an attack on the motherland and decreed that securing Iceland for a prolonged war was vital to victory; thus they mobilized each operational vessel in the Northern Fleet and managed to occupy the Faroes as a prelude. NATO then, too, scrambled every available asset in the North Atlantic, and when the first shot (a nuclear-tipped torpedo) was fired and sank a Dutch frigate, all hell broke loose.
    These scenarios have been tested with the Harpoon 3.6 game engine, but not Harpoon: ANW. No warranty or representation regarding compatibility or function with ANW is given or implied.
    This scenario requires the Y2k Database which can be found:



  22. Crisis in Mallorca (2018)

    My eleventh scenario of 2013...
    Insurgents have seized part of the island of Mallorca. Spain has to take it back. They also have to board and take control of a merchant where high value hostages are being held...
    (This one is not too hard to win, but you have to think about your tactics and use caution when approaching the insurgent positions. There are a few surprises waiting...)
    Image: Spanish EF-18 (Author: Greg L. Davis, USAF)



  23. Crocodile Snare (1980)

    My 25th scenario of the year...
    This scenario assumes that the brief war that took place between Egypt and Libya in 1977 has continued and that Italy has tried to broker a peace between these two nations. However, when Egypt begins preparing for a new offensive in 1980, Italy decides that further aggression against Libya is unacceptable and decides to intercept an Egyptian convoy carrying vital supplies to the occupied port of Tubruk...
    Image: Italian destroyer Impavido (DD 570) (Source: http://www.dodmedia.osd.mil)



  24. Defending Dili (2018)

    My 17th ANW/HUD-4 scenario for 2013...
    In the near future, a civil war is raging in East Timor. Indonesia has formally recognized the rebels and Australia is concerned it will enter into the conflict. The Australian government makes the decision to move forces into the area and to protect the city of Dili if Indonesia decides to attack.
    Image: Two RAAF F-18s (Source: U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Matthew Bruch.)



  25. Fish in a Barrel - modified version

    Hi Pooners,
    my first scenario work after a long time. It stems from a discussion with a new player over there at Matrix. He described his first experiences and especially some rather dull AI performances. Oh, well... Thus I tweaked the stock scenario "Fish in a Barrel" a little...
    Should be much sharper now. Highly recommended to play US side if you want to have a strong opponent.



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