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SimPlot Viewer Upgrades

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Posted 27 May 2017 - 08:15 AM

Work on upgrading SimPlot Viewer has been delayed but I am expecting to resume work on it shortly.  Here is a list of things I will do:

  • Fix range circle problems that may not have been visible to players, such as having multiple circles of the same radius even for different units.  Creating a new circle like that would sometimes be rejected.
  • I will add a "Visible" checkbox to the range circle form so a player can create range circles but have the option to turn them off until that specific circle is needed (instead of deleting and re-creating it later).
  • As an option, I may also create range circle categories such as radar, sonar, air weapons, surface weapons, and subsurface weapons.  A player could then select one or more types to display for all units, instead of selecting each unit and each range circle.  Individual circles could still be turned on and off, but this idea may offer a quicker way to declutter the game map.
  • Fix the overlapping ESM labels.
  • Fix the game's coordinate system to better conform to a correct cartesian system.  Presently, the Y axis increases in positive value as you go down the screen.  That was to conform to screen graphics X,Y values which made calculating new unit drawing locations easier relative to screen panning and scale zooming.  As a result, my calculations for bearings became very complex and sometimes inaccurate  since I could not so easily use radian-based trig functions that are consistent with compass headings.
  • I am also contemplating using an optional "north pole" coordinate for maps that are very high in latitude. Since 000 deg would not longer be just "up", this would enable an accurate bearing/heading based on your relative position to the north pole.  I am not sure if it really matters, but the Kola Peninsula maps got me thinking about it.

I am soliciting feedback from recent players on the GUI.  I am contemplating making SimPlot and Viewer one product based on the current Viewer GUI.  I would like to know:

  • Do you like the way the GUI looks?  Some of the color choices were inspired by H3 ANW.  Would a plain Windows color scheme work better for you?
  • Did you find the icon size selection buttons helpful?  Do you need different icon sizes?  I thought at a very zoomed-out scale the smaller icons helped.
  • The display and icon buttons/colors were an idea from another programming project.  I could use checkboxes, radio buttons, or menu items instead.  What do you think?

Thanks for your help.




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Posted 18 June 2017 - 03:08 PM

I will keep a running commentary on SimPlot Viewer changes here.  A new version of the program will not be uploaded until the majority of the desired changes are made.


I fixed the range circle problem.  Not only can you have more than one range circle of the same range, but you can now select which range circles are displayed at any time.  So, you can create circles for air weapons, surface weapons, radars, sonars, and select just those circles you need at the moment.  You will not have to remake the unused circles later.


I am working on range circle categories now.  It's a nice idea but I am not sure how to implement it.  Maybe I will create a Range Circle menu for it.

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