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Posted 05 September 2014 - 03:32 PM


This is most notable just for the fact that I have the programming toolchain updated. Hopefully more to follow this Fall/Winter.

Version History 2014-09-05
1. The world country outlines layer will no longer make the countries fill in with a
solid white when the plotter is loaded a second time.
2. Scenario start date/time is now kept in the scenario file.
<timestamp name="start">41661.0</timestamp>
<timestamp name="current">0</timestamp>
The "current" time as well as other timestamps in the scenario file
will be stored as offsets from the start date/time.
In the example above, a "current" timestamp of 1.0 would evaluate
to 41662.0 (January 2, 2014)
!!!For the only the "start" time is tracked!!! 2009/04/17
1. Added status bar display of range and bearing from last click to current mouse position. 2009/04/05
1. Per map status bar will now show bearing from last click to current click in addition to the range.
(thanks Brains and Pete) 2009/04/04
1. No more need to copy in temp.env upon each load of the program, the plotter now
properly preseves the .env file. 2009/03/30
1. If you have a temp.env file in the plotter directory, the plotter will use that
to load globe settings (i.e. if you develop a custom map with MapBuilder, the
.env file holds the presenters and such for that map). Note that the .env
file is immediately over-written once it is read so keep a copy of the .env
to keep plugging in each time you open the plotter.
2. Fixed the dual creation of each map window.

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